What it is possible to treat a dandelion and than it is useful to health?"

What it is possible to treat a dandelion and than it is useful to health?"

Because of extreme survivability and intensity of reproduction many consider a dandelion the usual weeds extending all forces from fertile lands. Actually this grassy plant — not just a weeds, and valuable many illnesses medicine which in many European countries gets divorced on special plantations. Learn, than the meadow flower, habitual for us, deserved such attention druggists.


Officinal dandelion, or ordinary (Latin Taraxacum officinale) — a long-term grass which meets everywhere in Europe and Asia. A rod-shaped root, poorly branched, over a half a meter in length. From radical area, smooth, plumose and cut or integral leaves grow.

Stebel-tsvetonos has easily recognizable appearance: it is long, thin and direct, deprived of leaves and branchings; from above the single inflorescence of bright yellow color having the basket form is located. Blossoms from March to June (depends on a climatic strip).

Whether you know? At a foot of the mountains of the Caucasus it is possible to see the special kind of dandelions possessing an inflorescence of purple color.

Advantage of a plant

Curative properties of a dandelion are caused by abundance of the connections, necessary for a human body. Are its part:

  • vitamins: With, A, B2, E, RR;
  • taraksantin;
  • flavoksantin;
  • it is well-cared;
  • saponins;
  • pitches;
  • salts of manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus;
  • triterpenovy connections, including alcohols;
  • fat oils;
  • lutein;
  • proteins;
  • carbohydrates.

Folk healers long since use different parts of a plant.


Underground part of a dandelion represents:

  • diuretic;
  • bile-expelling;
  • expectorant;
  • fungicide;
  • antitubercular;
  • suppressing spasms;
  • anthelminthic;
  • anticarcinogenic;
  • anti-sclerous;
  • prophylactic.

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In addition the root is capable to normalize the level of cholesterol and activity of a pancreas. For health the use of a root will be useful at:

  • anemias;
  • general weakness;
  • to gout;
  • burns;
  • dermatosis;
  • diathesis;
  • avitaminosis;
  • to insomnia;
  • stresses;
  • irritability;
  • fatigues.


Leaves of a perennial are useful not less, than roots. They are remarkable such properties:

  • bile-expelling;
  • febrifugal;
  • laxative;
  • expectorant;
  • calming;
  • spazmolitichesky;
  • toning;
  • antitubercular;
  • anti-virus;
  • anthelminthic;
  • antibacterial;
  • antikartserogenny;
  • anti-sclerous;
  • normalizing exchange processes;
  • improving appetite.


First of all juice is demanded thanks to existence of a taraksatsin and taraksetserin - it is the glycosides affecting composition of articulate liquid therefore lacteal juice of a dandelion is recommended to accept for healing of different diseases of joints. In addition it has such effect:

  • diuretic;
  • bile-expelling;
  • toning;
  • calming;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • expectorant;
  • anesthetic;
  • anti-cancerogenic;
  • spazmolitichesky.

Whether you know? At some species of dandelions rubber is a part of juice therefore before them specially parted for receiving rubber.

Juice is rich with iron and magnesium; it is capable to strengthen a lactation because of what it is very useful to women in situation and the feeding mothers. Besides it is applicable for:

  • elimination of locks;
  • removal of slags and toxins;
  • normalization of exchange processes;
  • improvements of composition of blood;
  • elimination of traces from stings of insects;
  • elimination of warts, callosities, eczemas.

Application in traditional medicine

Dandelion, habitual for us, besides the standard name "medicinal", quite often call "pharmaceutical". It shows how its medicinal properties are highly appreciated. And as its preparation will cost much cheaper, than purchase of many drugs, all should know what it treats for.

For weight loss

The plant is applied to elimination of excess weight because of its diuretic effect therefore excess liquid which interferes with a normal metabolism is removed from an organism. Together with liquid the organism is left by the slags and toxins breaking normal functioning of all systems, especially a liver which combats cholesterol.

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Thanks to laxative action the reduction of intestines will return to normal, so — locks will disappear. Also from the regular use of a dandelion work of a GIT will return to normal. At normal process of digestion the organism will receive all necessary for functioning from a standard portion of food, so, you will not need suit excess having a snack.

From cholesterol

The dandelion root considerably lowers the level of "bad" cholesterol. Still it is effective at treatment of atherosclerosis and removal from an organism of toxins. The plant practically has no contraindications therefore its long reception is not forbidden. It is very important fact as it is necessary to be treated long — the positive result will be noticeable only in 2–3 months. As medicine cook salads from leaves and infusions from a root. For the period of treatment it is necessary to refuse harmful products:

  • all fat;
  • smoked;
  • alcohol.

From cancer

From cancer the plant root helps. It contains the strong substance having ability to remove metastases at cancer of breast, large intestine and other types and also to prevent distribution of cells of noninvasive cancer and to reduce tumors. Medicine can be bought in drugstores in the form of tinctures, capsules, tablets, extracts and chayov, or to prepare most (juice, broth, infusion, tincture, tea).

Important! The efficiency of action of a dandelion was established by some scientists when carrying out a number of researches. But it does not mean that it needs to be used as the only illness medicine. This plant does not treat oncological diseases in itself, its application is one of techniques of alternative medicine which is often used from traditional.

At pancreatitis

At pancreatitis it is very important to maintain water-salt balance. Dairy juice of a dandelion can help with it. Possessing the spazmolitichesky and anesthetizing action, he quickly eliminates pain and removes hypostases. Besides juice is capable:

  • to lower sugar level;
  • to normalize fat exchange;
  • to adjust digestion;
  • to purify blood;
  • to remove excess liquid.

At diabetes

Thanks to existence of a taraksasterol, rubber, fat oils, lutein, tannins, faradiol, inulin, the root of a dandelion facilitates a state at diabetes. Prepared on its basis, with addition of foliage and color, infusions and broths normalize processes of digestion and metabolism, tone up an organism. They work as:

  • bile-expelling;
  • laxative;
  • febrifugal;
  • spazmolitichesky;
  • calming means.

Inulin, getting to an organism, intensifies natural process of decrease in concentration of sugar in blood from what load of a pancreas decreases. Also substance returns sensitivity to insulin receptors that is very important at type 2 diabetes.

At arthrosis

Also arthrosis is treated by means of a dandelion. Present at it taraksitsin and taraksitserin support reproduction of cells of cartilaginous tissue (hondrotsit) — they restore cartilaginous tissue that allows to resume normal functioning of joints. Thanks to it at use of drugs from dandelions the etiology is removed in the beginning, and the analgesic effect is felt later, however it is necessary to consider that fixing of result requires not one week. In the medicinal purposes use all parts of a plant.

At a stroke

Thanks to the fact that the flower is capable to bring "bad" cholesterol out of an organism and to adjust work of nervous and cardiovascular systems, it well influences an organism at fight against a stroke and restoration after it. Are especially effective infusion from leaves and balls from ground roots with honey.

Than are useful

From a plant it is possible to prepare many different dishes. Their recipes are plain, and the advantage is considerable.

Dandelions salad

Salad from leaves of a dandelion is capable to satisfy completely the need of an organism for vitamins A and To. It is effective at the following illnesses:

  • the raised cholesterol;
  • scurvy, avitaminosis, anemia;
  • problems with kidneys and liver;
  • problems with vessels;
  • arthritis, sciatica;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • excessive weight, diabetes;
  • parasites and viruses.


Tea is cooked on the basis of the dried-up and crushed roots. The received drink is applied:

  • at oncology;
  • for a detoxication;
  • as laxative;
  • at swelling;
  • at joint pains;
  • as resolvent;
  • for cleaning of leather, blood;
  • for improvement of appetite.


Coffee drink is cooked from the crushed root too. This natural product can help:

  • to get rid of dependence on coffee;
  • to lower cholesterol;
  • to clean a liver;
  • to normalize work of a pancreas;
  • to remove excess liquid;
  • at fight against diabetes.


Honey from dandelion inflorescences with addition of lemon juice, herbs and bee honey is cooked. It perfectly treats:

  • articulate diseases;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • osteochondrosis.

At constant consumption of honey it is possible to forget about joint, fingers pains, problems with kidneys and a liver. The course of treatment usually makes two years.

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The fragrant dessert from flowers of a plant works as:

  • toning;
  • strengthening work of nervous system;
  • improving metabolism;
  • normalizing appetite;
  • fixing problems with joints;
  • cleaning;
  • the improving condition of an integument;
  • restoring;
  • bile-expelling;
  • laxative;
  • anthelminthic means.

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British love wine from inflorescences of dandelions for a long time. And it is not surprising, this fragrant vitamin drink is capable to help at:

  • exhaustion;
  • to insomnia;
  • pressure jumps;
  • cough;
  • the weakened immunity.

Possible harm and contraindications

Harm from a plant is practically absent. It should be used only carefully at:

  • individual intolerance;
  • to stomach ulcer;
  • gastritis;
  • to obstruction of bilious channels;
  • to diarrhea;
  • pregnancy and feeding of the child.

Important! It is not necessary to give a plant to children 4–5 years are younger.

As we see, the usual weed at the skillful address can be good medicine. Its advantage is recognized not only by national, but also traditional medicine. At treatment it is only necessary to avoid abuses not to do much harm to itself, and to recover.

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