What vitamins to protect an organism at a climax"

What vitamins to protect an organism at a climax"

The climax is a special period in the woman's life when in her organism there are changes connected with fading of its reproductive function. As a result, there is a delay of all biological processes, the hormonal background considerably changes, withering of beauty begins and frequent changes of mood are observed. For maintenance of the normal state of health and simplification of a climacteric syndrome the doctors recommend vitamin complexes. About what vitamins it is better to accept at a climax in what their advantage and advantages, we also will talk in this article.

Necessary vitamins

Gradual decrease in production of sex hormones begins on average from 45-50 years, however recently more often it is possible to hear about cases of the beginning of a climax in 30 years that happens because of constant stresses and strong fatigue.

Hormonal changes which happen in an organism — estrogen lowering of the level can cause risk of emergence:

  • diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • osteoporosis when bones become fragile and fragile as calcium from them is washed away and is not acquired in a due measure;
  • change of body weight, disease of an endocrine system;
  • formation of tumors of mammary glands and genitals;
  • muscle weakness;
  • deterioration in process of blood supply of a brain and other bodies, blood "inflows";
  • presenilation;
  • the increased sweating, feeling of dizziness;
  • fast fatigue and irritability, depression, insomnia;
  • decrease in sexual activity of the woman;
  • dryness of a vagina that can become the cause of diseases of an urinogenital system.

Whether you know? Men can also feel "inflows". It occurs in case sharp decrease in testosterone in a male body results from intake of medicines or operation on removal of testicles.

In order that it is easier to transfer these tests, it is necessary to help an organism and to begin to accept vitamins during a climax. They will help the immune system to protect health of the woman from viruses and adverse factors, will give support in stressful situations and will strengthen nervous system.

At a menopause such vitamins and minerals as are the most important for an organism of each woman:

  • Vitamin A — creates conditions for delay of process of aging of skin and appearance of age wrinkles, keeping a necessary amount of water in the upper layers of the skin. It helps to reduce risk of emergence of new growths of various nature of mammary glands, genitals and intestines.
  • Vitamin E — has the stimulating effect on process of functioning of gonads. Is responsible for safety of beauty and a healthy condition of skin and hair. Reduces risk of diseases of cancer of various bodies and reduces danger of appearance of blood clots in vessels, and still it lowers arterial blood pressure.
  • B6 — is responsible for ability of the person to work well physically, to think adequately and has beneficial effect on immune and nervous system, in a complex with vitamin E helps to eliminate nervousness and a condition of alarm and concern.
  • B1 — contributes to normalization of functioning of such systems of an organism as cardiovascular and nervous.
  • B12 and B9 — actively help to get rid of a condition of irritability, a depression, apathy, frequent changes of mood, strengthening nervous system.
  • Vitamin C — strengthens vascular walls, thereby reducing puffiness of fabrics, the risk of emergence of tumoral formations decreases.
  • Vitamin D — is responsible for digestion of calcium and strengthening of the bones which lost durability. Is excellent prophylactic of osteoporosis.

Whether you know? In a male body vitamin D is interconnected with testosterone. The more sunlight the man, the higher it receives testosterone level.

  • Calcium and pine forest — as well as vitamin D, help to make skeletal system of stronger.
  • Magnesium — calms nervous system, eliminates insomnia and the increased irritability. Promotes digestion of calcium and lowers cholesterol level.
  • Lignins — are capable to influence "inflows" which often can be visible visually and very much annoy the woman. They can also positively affect dryness of a vagina.
  • Polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids — will help to cope with increase in body weight. After their reception the level of insulin decreases twice, and fats do not turn into unwanted deposits on the woman's body, and become energy.

Why are necessary

The doctor can recommend to the woman to begin application of vitamin and mineral complexes as these measures will give her effective support at a stage of changes in its organism, will have positive impact on her psychoemotional, physical health, beauty, ability to adequately think and have good memory.

At a climax are also useful: clustery asparagus, calendula, linden, dyagil, sage, meadow clover, kiwi, hawthorn.

Vitamins are capable to increase the speed of biological and chemical processes, the correct assimilation of useful elements which get to an organism together with food, emergence of new cages and many other things.

Thanks to modern developments of the pharmaceutical companies the women have an opportunity to take specially developed medications with the high and balanced content of those useful substances and minerals which are necessary for an organism during this period.

Their structure is enriched with such components as phytoestrogen there are vegetable elements containing gormonopodobny substances. They have the softening effect on a hormonal background, and negative feelings which the woman, as a rule, has, become less noticeable and notable. Vitamins have effect and on an endocrine system, normalizing processes of production of hormones and by that prolong active life of ovaries.

Important! The organism of the woman can begin to give signals of approach of a menopause already for years of years or months before its actual approach. Gradual lowering of the level of female sex hormones of estrogen, can be shown occasionally in the form of the symptoms characteristic of a climax.

The recommended vitamin complexes

In search of names of vitamins for women at a climax floating around the Internet interesting and useful information can find much. Let's study features of the most popular vitamin complexes.

  • Qi-Klim. Feature of this complex of vitamins is availability of the selenium strengthening the immune system, extract of the motherwort influencing soothingly nervous system, tsimitsifug, the grassy plant containing phytoestrogen and also L-kartinin, routines. Can appoint this medication also by that at whom approach of a menopause began at rather early age. Prevents osteoporosis, raises a tone of an organism and vital energy, normalizes process of a dream.
  • "Фемикапс" — it is rich with the content of vitamins of group B and E, extract of a primrose and a passionflower. The complex eliminates irritability, insomnia, jumps of arterial blood pressure, eliminates or reduces the number of "inflows".
  • "Doppelgerts an asset the Menopause" — amount of vitamins B considerably exceeds their average value in other complexes, calcium, mineral biotite, soy phytoestrogen. Works as the all-strengthening complex, minimizes "inflows" and sweating, saves from excess irritability.
  • The similar action which is thoroughly maintaining health of the woman also such medicine as "Menopace" possesses. It also enhances immunity and helps at nervous breakdowns.
  • "The woman 40 plus" — set of vitamins and minerals will be able to detain the moment of withering of female beauty and approach of aging. It works with a problem of excess weight, increase in elasticity of skin. The complex is made of citrus bioflavonoids and a bromeline and also a pine forest, sodium and magnesium.
  • Gipotrilon — for the purpose of prevention of detection of oncological diseases. Its structure is enhanced by dietary supplement content on the basis of Vitasil-Se selenium. Action of components has the rejuvenating impact.
  • "the orthopier Femin" — differs from other complexes in the fact that contains cod-liver oil, linseed oil, zinc, sodium, iron, and a highlight is Q10 youth coenzyme. Influences mental work, physical abilities of the woman, promotes weight reduction.
  • "Komplivit D3 Calcium" — a basic element of which, naturally, is calcium. A great option for prevention and elimination of problems with skeletal system, strengthening of teeth and enamel. Intake of vitamins improves a condition of hair and nails.
  • "Ременс" — normalizes an emotional condition of the woman, constraining nervousness and concern. Eliminates the increased arterial blood pressure, reduces perspiration, saves from headache attacks.

Important! In Japan the period of a climax is called by konenki that is translated as "a noble disease" which is peculiar to women rich, and spiritually and financially, at respectable age. Are positive to it, perceiving as inevitable physiological process as a result of which the woman regenerates, and her organism is updated. The positive relation gives the chance to the woman easier and more simply to transfer all changes in her organism.

What vitamins to accept at a menopause to you, it is worth discussing with your gynecologist or the therapist who will be able individually to pick up a suitable vitamin complex, proceeding from your indispositions or manifestations of a climacteric syndrome.

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