Where contains most of all and for what Omega-6 acids are necessary?

Where contains most of all and for what Omega-6 acids are necessary?

In the modern world treat fats with a high share of scepticism. For most of active and successful people they become the real problem as today to be harmonious and tightened not only it is fashionable, but also it is important for successful career.

While everywhere nutritionists promote a low-calorie diet, for the majority there is opening an importance and usefulness of some fatty acids. The Omega-6 also belongs to some of such connections.

Substance plays an important role in metabolism of the person and the general processes of his activity. However, many of us neglect it value therefore the general deterioration in health and state of health is observed and also the probability of development of many dangerous diseases increases.

Therefore today we will in detail understand, what is it the Omega-6, and we will reveal its importance for a human body.

General characteristic

Polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acids are connections of the organic nature which belong to family of triglycerides. In a human body this substance plays one of leading roles in ensuring full development and functioning of an organism.

Connection is one of components of a cellular membrane and also with the participation of fat cages becomes a power stock of all organism. On structure of a chemical bond these nonsaturated fatty acids have the doubled carbon-carbon communication in a position the Omega-6.

It means that this communication of molecules is between the seventh and sixth atoms of carbon, counting from the methyl end of a chain of acid.

Whether you know? After in 1923 polyunsaturated fatty acids were for the first time revealed by the person, thanks to the useful impact on the general health this group of connections was originally referred to vitamins. Up to 1930 this group of substances carried the name vitamin F.

Rather modern terminology, under the Omega-6 it is accepted to understand the whole complex of substances which number contains 11 versions. But most often understand such irreplaceable acids as it as linoleic and arachidonic.

We recommend to you to esteem about, where to look for and than the Omega-3 and the Omega-9 are useful.

Often these fats carry to irreplaceable substances as their free synthesis in an organism does not happen. Owing to their shortcoming the secretion of prostaglandins which provide the person with energy is broken and also are responsible for healthy appearance of integuments, nails and hair.

Besides, these substances play a huge role in ensuring healthy functioning of cellular membranes and to the correct course of exchange processes in a cage. Digestion of polyunsaturated fatty acids happens in a small intestine. After absorption they are transported to bodies and systems as a part of hilomikron. Exactly here they promote synthesis of lipids which directly and play regulatory function and also are a part of cell membranes.

Fatty acids in a human body everywhere collect, their traces can be met: in heart, a liver, kidneys, a brain, blood, muscles, etc.

Whether you know? Arachidonic acid is actively used in agriculture as the protectant for cultural plants from chemical medicines. By a number of researches it is shown that its application together with herbicides promotes decrease in the oppressing impact of medicines on cultural types.

Biological value and properties

Fatty acids like Omega-6 are the only irreplaceable substances to which anti-inflammatory, wound healing, sedative, anti-lipidic, anti-atherosclerotic and angioprotektorny impacts on the person are peculiar. Further we will consider in more detail advantage and harm the Omega-6 for human health.


The main useful properties which are rendered by this group of triglycerides concerning a human body, the following:

  • catalyzing of exchange processes in cages;
  • improvement of work of brain activity and normalization of a psychoemotional state;
  • strengthening of tissues of skeletal system;
  • acceleration of processes of a detoxication;
  • improvement of immunity;
  • normalization of processes of metabolism of lipids;
  • general improvement of a condition of integuments;
  • regulation of synthesis of hormones and providing healthy condition of the general hormonal background;
  • prevention of development of oncological diseases;
  • regulation of processes of healthy synthesis of protein.

Whether you know? The invention of process of synthesis of fats occurred thanks to the chemist Marselen Bertlo. In 1854 the scientist for the first time managed to synthesize fat, by heating of mix from carbonic acid and glycerin.


Often fatty acids do not represent harm for the person. Connections of this nature belong to the substances, necessary and safe for an organism, however exceptions make serious overdoses. In that case the Omega-6 can become the reason of violations of functioning of the general metabolism that leads heavy frustration of bodies and systems.

Separately about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period in life of each woman at which her organism demands additional quantity of nutritious elements and vitamins. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are not an exception.

By many researches it is proved that active supply of an organism the Omega-6 during development of a fruit gives the chance to reduce risk of emergence of premature birth and increase at the woman of arterial blood pressure and also reduces the probability of development of a preeklampsiya. Enrichment of a diet with digestible complexes of these fatty acids gives the chance to minimize risk of emergence of placentary insufficiency, a fruit arrest of development and also gives the chance to reduce manifestations of toxicosis, varicosity, cardiovascular diseases and to increase immunity of the pregnant woman.

Important! In the preventive purposes complex medicines with contents the Omega-6 are shown to application only according to the recommendation of the doctor. For safe enrichment of a diet with these fats consults to increase by 25% quantity of products with their high concentration.

Daily requirement in the Omega-6

For the adult average person the standard daily rate of this kind of lipids is no more than 9 g that is about 5% of lump of the used calories. However, it is worth remembering that in order that such amount of fats had exclusively positive impact on an organism, the diet should be enriched also the Omega-3. An optimum ratio of these lipids will be 1 to 6, that is 6 molecules Omega-6 have to fall on 1 molecule Omega-3. In certain cases the daily dose of lipids can be increased several times, it is necessary for maintenance of work of an organism, in the period of the increased need for important acids.

Treat them:

  • violation in work of intestines which results of deterioration in lipidic metabolism;
  • deficiency of vitamins of the fat-soluble nature;
  • the pregnancy period and also at a lactation;
  • in case of violation of a hormonal background;
  • in the period of the increased physical activity;
  • cold season (as an additional power source).

Vitamins A, D, E and K belong to fat-soluble.


For today there are only two sources of fatty acids, important for the person: it is foodstuff and highly active chemical medicines. Let's consider in more detail where after all the Omega-6 fatty acids specifically contain.


Traditionally, foodstuff is considered as the main source of all connections, important for the person. It is the easiest and safe way to saturate an organism with the necessary substances for its full functioning. In the majority it is possible to be provided with these substances wholly thanks to oils of a cold extraction.

Treat them peanut, mustard, sunflower, corn, cottonseed, soy, sesame, rape, linseed, pumpkin butter. And also oil of grape seeds, germs of wheat, walnut, etc.

Also walnuts, pumpkin sunflower seeds and sesame are rich in polyunsaturated fats. You should not forget also that the Omega-6 in small quantities contains practically in all vegetables, fruit, berries, greens, mushrooms and cereals.

Important! At heat treatment, fatty acids instantly break up to compounds, harmful to an organism. Therefore them it is necessary to take exclusively cold, as gas station to various snack and salads.


At high degree of deficiency of fatty acids many physicians appoint their emergency saturation of an organism thanks to the use of complex medications. They are made or in the form of capsules, or liquid for internal application.

In essence they are the complexes from various oils of natural origin based only on natural and safe components. Therefore such medical means are safe even for a children's organism. The most popular among them it is possible to call: Biomegalin, Omega Complex +, Omegatrin, Udo's Oil, etc.

Shortage and surplus

The balanced ratio in an organism the Omega-6 of rather other components of metabolism gives the chance to the person not only to feel perfectly, but also to be healthy.

However, often most of our compatriots cannot control saturation of an organism useful fats. In that case it can be observed as a surplus, so a shortcoming them in an organism that threatens with quite serious frustration.

Whether you know? The brain of the person for 70% consists of fats from most of which part belongs to polyunsaturated versions.


Due to the fashion for leanness and lack of understanding what products nevertheless contain the Omega-6, quite often there are deficiency cases of useful lipids in an organism. The first manifestation of this dangerous state is deterioration in a general view. There is a peeling of skin, eczema, fragility of hair and nails.

As a result of it processes of the general aging accelerate. At long deficiency of polyunsaturated lipids deterioration in reproductive function, suppression of immunity and deterioration in work of a cardiovascular system is observed that can become the cause of hypertensia and stroke.

Besides, the accompanying symptoms of a pathological lack of lipids are: allergies, rashes on skin, increase in cholesterol, anal cracks, dandruff.


Surplus the Omega-6 not less dangerous state for the person, than its deficiency. In that case several pathological states with which will begin to cope a difficult task can develop at once.

If you want your organism correctly to function, read as avitaminosis is shown and what to do at a lack of vitamins.

Treat them: increase in the body weight (obesity), increase of viscosity of blood and its coagulability (as result, the chance of development of heart attacks and strokes increases), deterioration in work of the immune system, a disease of the oncological nature.

Besides, glut of an organism the Omega-6 can become the cause of serious pathologies of a psychoemotional state. As the result — it can become the cause of long depressions.

Important! The omega-6 is strictly forbidden to use to pregnant women at istmiko-cervical insufficiency, a pregnancy miscarriage, to the high D-dimera level or at threat of premature birth.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are the major connections providing the correct functioning of bodies and the systems of the person and also healthy appearance. These substances are not synthesized in an organism therefore each diet has to include their enough surely.

However, it is worth remembering also what for what you would not accept the Omega-6, this connection can be not only useful, but also harmful therefore the surplus it in an organism can cause serious consequences for human health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team