Where to look for and than are useful an omega-3

Where to look for and than are useful an omega-3

There is a number of substances which are necessary for normal activity of a human body. But the organism cannot independently make some of them. It is possible to fill up their stocks only from food. Treat such substances an omega-3.

Fatty acids omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids, in the full name omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids or for short PNZhK, are a part of family of nonsaturated fatty acids. The most important an omega-3 of acids are among alphalinolenic (ALCOHOL), eykozapentayenovy (EPK) and dokozahexayenovy (DGK). The human body is capable to generate long communications of EPK and DGK, but the efficiency of this process is very low. If nearby the omega-6 acid was already formed, the probability of formation of one of an omega-3 of acids tends to zero.

From the aforesaid it is visible that so necessary for maintenance of normal activity of all bodies an omega-3 of acid can be received only through food.

Useful properties

PNZhK support normal functioning of the nervous, immune system of the person. Ensure harmonious functioning of a cardiovascular system, promote development of a certain group of hormones.

Whether you know? About 80% of cages defenders of the immune system are in intestines for this reason food is capable to strengthen or suppress immunity.

The advantage an omega-3 of acids is noticeable in such moments:

  1. Promotes synthesis of eykozanoid — the hormones which are responsible for the course of biochemical reactions in cages.
  2. Helps with fight against the wrong cholesterol that allows to reduce considerably the probability of developing of vascular atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.
  3. Promotes formation of spermatozoa.
  4. Adjusts process of production of men's hormones.
  5. Is directly involved in delivery of oxygen to body tissues.
  6. Stabilizes a metabolism, reduces emotional and psychological tension, does not give the chance to develop to a depression.
  7. Keeps elasticity of joints and weakens the pain arising at arthritises and arthroses.
  8. Does an organism more susceptible to insulin.
  9. Combats inflammatory processes, minimizes possibility of an allergy and the diseases connected with violation of activity of the immune system.
  10. Promotes concentration of attention, stimulates memory, thereby affecting quality of perception and assimilation of new information.
  11. Dulls constant feeling of hunger that allows the person to get rid of consumption of food excessively.
  12. Promotes muscle gain and disposal of an unnecessary layer of fat.
  13. Improves muscular endurance.

Whether you know? The first the Norwegian druggist Peter Meller began to produce cod-liver oil for the medical purposes more than 150 years ago.

Having analyzed all abilities an omega-3, it is possible to draw a conclusion for what their correct use for women will be useful.

  1. Will help to forget about painful monthly, about sharp differences of mood during this period.
  2. Will promote skin aging process delay (namely losses of elasticity and appearance of wrinkles).
  3. Will support work of an endocrine system, especially in the period of an early menopause. Will prevent development of associated diseases during this period.
  4. Will facilitate an initial current of a menopause.

Are also very useful to women in situation. The standard daily rate for them increases twice.

Standard daily rate of the person

There are no accurately regulated norms on the use an omega-3 of acids. There are only recommendations according to which a certain amount of substance is necessary for maintenance of normal functioning of an organism.

For adults

So, for adults recommend to use a day at least 0.25 grams an omega-3. It will be ideal if the person is able to provide reception in day of one gram of PNZhK.

Important! It is not recommended to be zealous and send to an organism more than seven-eight grams per day. It concerns only pharmaceutical medicines.

With food any quantity of PNZhK can come to a human body.

For children

According to the general recommendations, from first year of life the child has to receive not less than a gram of fatty acids per day.

There are international recommendations which established such norm for children:

  • 6-24 months: 10-12 mg of DGK on each kg of weight;
  • 2-4 years: 100-150 mg of DGK + EPK;
  • 4-6 years: 150-200 mg of DGK + EPK;
  • 6-10 years: 200-250 mg of DGK + EPK;
  • 10-18 years: 250 mg of DGK + EPK.

For what to accept to children the omega-3, taking into account such strict dosage, we will try to explain further. The fact is that the child's diet, especially up to two years, is more limited, than at the adult. Many products simply still it is impossible for it. Therefore he can feel the shortage of fatty acids that is capable to lead to dermatitis, decrease in attention, emergence of absent-mindedness. There can be an allergy to those substances to which the child's organism was not sensitive earlier. Loss of visual acuity is not seldom observed.

In addition PNZhK are responsible for normal development of a brain of the kid, for timely emergence of teeth. And through maternal milk enough acids not always arrives.

In what products contain an omega-3

The omega-3 of fatty acids, of course, is the main source fish, more precisely cod-liver oil. In it the highest concentration. But also some products of plant origin on the content of necessary substance do not concede to fish. Let's provide the list of all PNZhK of the containing products.

Source omega-3 of fatty acids

Quantity of EPK and DGK in 100 grams of a product, grams

Cod-liver oil of a sardine


Cod liver


Cod-liver oil of a salmon


Black, red caviar


Sardine, Atlantic herring

1.5 - 2.4

Salmon, Atlantic salmon


Mackerel, mackerel




Sword fish


Halibut, trout






Flounder, pollack, hake


Crayfish, crabs, mollusks, scallop








Linseed oil


Peanut leaves (fresh)


Flax seeds (fresh)


Rape oil


Walnut oil


Kino (croup)


Oil of wheaten germs


Mustard oil




Chia seeds


Portulak (fresh)


Spinach (fresh)






Garden radish


Mustard (leaves)


Olive oil




Raspberry, strawberry, avocado


Cabbage (color, broccoli)




Deficiency and surplus

Any useful substances: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. in an organism has to be in norm side-altars. The substance surplus, as well as its shortage, cannot but affect functioning of human bodies.

What to do at a shortcoming

If such signs as given below, it is necessary to sound the alarm are observed.

  • Thirst.
  • Dryness of skin.
  • Constantly nails break, hair drop out.
  • Often the person stays in a depression, is apathetic.
  • Problems with a campaign in a toilet more.
  • Any wound on a body, even the smallest, heals long.
  • Complaints to fatigue, memory loss, decrease in working capacity.
  • Lag in development (concerns kids and preschool children).
  • Deterioration in immunity.

Existence of these symptoms means that an organism a long time the omega-3 of acids suffers a shortage. Reconsider the diet. Perhaps, you did not eat seafood long ago. If you feel hostility to this food, then it is possible to fill PNZhK stocks by means of the medicine Omega-3 which part eykozapentayenovy and dokozahexayenovy acids are. It will fill a missing reserve of substances, will help to get rid of harmful fats which the person constantly eats and which are capable to affect organism cages negatively. It is recommended to apply on 1-2 capsules per day. Reception duration — three months.

It is important! Before beginning intake of medicine, consult with the doctor. He will estimate a condition of an organism and will make the individual schedule of drug intake.

The price of the medicine Omega-3 is quite high that can be it is too expensive for some people. For them there is more available source an omega-3 of acids — cod-liver oil. This product is issued in the liquid state and in capsules. It has quite specific smell and taste that complicates its application in the form of liquid a little.

Surplus of fatty acids

At a surplus of fatty acids in a human body it is observed:

  • indigestion;
  • pressure drop;
  • digestion violation;
  • deterioration in blood clotting that leads to appearance of bleedings.

The first that you have to make at detection of such symptoms — to see a doctor. He will assess a situation and will prompt that needs to be done next. Most likely, you need to change a food allowance. You will have to minimize the use an omega-6 of acids and other polyunsaturated fats. Also to construct a diet so that at it there were only natural sources an omega-3, and them you received no more standard daily rate.


It is not necessary to accept an omega-3 at:

  • giperkaltsemiya;
  • individual intolerance;
  • hyperfunctions of a thyroid gland;
  • tuberculosis (in an active phase).

Omega-3 fatty acids perform important function in our organism. They watch that everything worked as hours. Their shortcoming, as well as a surplus, can harmful affect health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team