Whether gluten is dangerous?

Whether gluten is dangerous?

Quite recently society was occupied by a new diet, this time bezglyutenovy. There are no products with gluten now very fashionably, the famous doctors tell about harm of this substance. In this article we will tell about gluten what substance and why, according to some, it is harmful is.

What is it?

Gluten represents vegetable protein, the adhesive which is a part of one and all cereals. The advantage of this substance is that thanks to it the human body easily acquires vitamins which contain in this substance (And, E, C).

As a part of gluten irreplaceable useful amino acids contain, some of them destroy bacteria, others help work of immunity, some saturate with hemoglobin blood and also support work of a stomach.

Gluten contains two proteins: gliadine and glutenin, creates problems mainly gliadine.

Whether you know? The word gluten can be translated from Latin as glue. Exactly thanks to gluten which contains in wheat flour dough becomes elastic and rises.

Presently despite all advantage of gluten, more and more doctors recommend to people after forty and to children up to one year the diet which is not containing this substance.

Further in article we will consider the reasons for which it is necessary to avoid the use of this substance, and than gluten is harmful to a human body.

What does contain in?

In a huge number this substance contains in the basic in the cereals and products made of them: bread, rich pastries, pasta, kvass and beer.

80% of gluten are in wheat (and also in germs of wheat and wheat bran), least of all — in a rye and barley, pearl barley and semolina.

Whether you know? Gluten is in pure form eaten in Asia. There gluten became replacement of tofu and to meat, this product — сейтан is called, steam it, fry or bake.

Gluten contains not only in cereals, gluten is widely applied in all modern food industry. It is added to sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, meat semi-finished products, sausage, sausages, soft cheese, milk chocolate, ice cream, dense yogurt, sour cream, crabsticks, etc. Soy sauce, strangely enough, too contains particles of pearl barley and wheat.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn about diets of Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Megane Fox, Miley Cyrus, Dyukana.

That know what enters a product, carefully read structure on packing. In many Western countries the products which are not containing gluten are marked with marking of gluten free. Such marking is still insufficiently widespread in the CIS therefore it is necessary most to study structure of products.

Whether can do harm?

Let's consider what is gluten, how exactly it influences a human body and than it is harmful.

To whom can

Gluten is dangerous only to people who have a genetic predisposition and individual intolerance of this protein. This disease is called a tseliakiya. It meets only at 1% of people around the world.

What occurs in a human body which is ill a tseliakiya? In such organism there is an inflammatory reaction to one of fractions of gluten. The immune system distinguishes it as alien substance and begins to attack it in all possible ways. The problem is that the immunity fights not only against gluten, but also against those fabrics which met it. The first the small intestine is surprised.

Except a small intestine the brain, joints, heart and other bodies suffers. The hidden intolerance of this protein is also possible. Only the doctor after special tests and analyses has to make such diagnosis.

It is in that case recommended to adhere to a bezglyutenovy diet.

To whom is not present

Will not do to the healthy person who is not ill a tseliakiya, the use of a product as a part of which is this vegetable protein, any harm.

It is impossible to refuse completely products with gluten. Such products contain cellulose which is necessary for our organism. It is recommended to reduce bread and pastries as they are not really useful in the use. Except for wholly grain bread.

Important! It is not recommended to go on a fashionable bezglyutenovy diet just like that. Do not go into extremes, and eat reasonably and in a balanced way.

Products without gluten

If you after all began a bezglyutenovy diet, define what products in advance it is possible to use.

The benefit, there is a wide number of products without gluten: vegetables and fruit, rice, buckwheat, home-made dairy products, bean, fish, meat, eggs, potatoes, peas, nuts, kinoa, amaranth, sorghum. Also it is necessary to remember that in a row a croup gluten gets to overtime as the same equipment, as for wheat is used.

Even in spite of the fact that, for example, grits and oat flakes do not contain gluten, enough gluten capable to cause an allergy attack gets into their structure.

Important! Try not to buy nevertheless products semi-finished products with marking does not contain gluten which advertize in shops, namely: bread, cookies, crackers, chips, bases for pastries and pizza, etc. All this is the advertizing course!

All pros and cons

If you get under 1% of the population and are ill a tseliakiya, in that case it is necessary to refuse products as a part of which there is a gluten. If you have no this disease, you have no its symptoms, it is not recommended to go on a bezglyutenovy diet, in hope to lose weight. As bezglyutenovy analogs of usual products much more kaloriyny.

It is not dangerous to healthy people to eat food with gluten!

Now you know that gluten is such vegetable protein, and it contains in all cereals.

At such disease as a tseliakiya it is necessary to know the list of products where gluten and what it is dangerous by contains. This element is not harmful to the healthy person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team