Whether it is possible to find though some advantage in electronic cigarettes

Whether it is possible to find though some advantage in electronic cigarettes

Not so long ago in the world the new smoking device — the electronic cigarette (EC) appeared. It very quickly took many admirers. Producers of these original features assure that soaring is favorable and safe. In this article we will consider, whether so it. And also it will be a question of advantage and harm, pluses and minuses of the smoking gadget.

What consists of and as the device works

ES — not the really difficult mechanism. It consists of the battery, the evaporator and a tank for liquid (cartridge). But happen also such which are equipped with displays, sensors and chips.

Let's consider how the vape works. When the person presses a button or drags on (if there is an air motion sensor), then the chain becomes isolated, is heated a special spiralka which evaporates the liquid applied on it. Then in the form of steam comes to the smoker's lungs. So occurs at each inhaling.

Whether you know? Electronic cigarettes were thought up by the druggist from China Hon Likom. His father smoked much, despite the diagnosis lung cancer. It also pushed the scientist to create a smoking device as an alternative to usual cigarettes.

Composition of liquid of electronic cigarettes

Liquids for soaring happen the most various: fruit, mint, tobacco and others. But despite a good selection, structure at all identical.

Food propylene glycol

This ingredient is colourless liquid and has viscous consistence. At propylene glycol sweet taste. This component dissolves fragrance, connects all elements of liquid, creates effect of blow to a throat, accelerates the movement of nicotine to lungs.

Propylene glycol is applied to production of drugs. It not toxic and in many countries is considered the resolved nutritional supplement.

Food glycerin

This element does liquid sweetish and gives pleasant aroma. Has oily texture. It is applied in pharmacology, in the confectionery sphere. Glycerin is capable to do viscosity of products better. It is considered harmless. Thanks to glycerin, steam becomes more dense and more concentrated.

We advise to esteem about whether it is possible to smoke a hookah without harm for health.


That water represents — it is known to all. It is colourless, tasteless, has no smell. Is excellent solvent. In liquid it can be added for the best wettability of cotton wool to ES. Or replace with it propylene glycol for people with individual intolerance. In modern liquids water is practically not used.


Thanks to fragrances, liquid develops a certain taste which is felt during soaring. There are tobacco, fruit, sweet, mint flavoring shades. Producers of liquids constantly create new tastes, mixing fragrances in different proportions. Therefore liquid for an electronic cigarette can be chosen any, relying on the flavoring preferences.


Liquids for ES happen to nicotine and without it. Nicotine increases blow to a throat and also adds the smack. After soaring of liquid with nicotine there can be effects, as when smoking a usual cigarette: slackness, dizziness.

Fortress of structure depends on amount of nicotine which contains in 1 ml of liquid. Generally it is 0 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, 12 mg.

Whether you know? In 2009 survey among parilshchik was conducted: at 91% of respondents the general state of health improved, 97% ceased to cough, 80% began to catch better smells, and at 73% flavoring feelings improved.

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Harm or advantage: opinions were shared

World scientists cannot come to the general conclusion concerning advantage and harm of electronic cigarettes. Some claim that soaring is safe. And others have opposite opinion.

Arguments of scientists in favor of the device

Thanks to a research at the head of which there was doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos it was proved that in electronic cigarettes there are much less harmful chemicals, than in usual. And the Portuguese doctor Antonio Arazhu claims that soaring — an effective way of fight against usual smoking.

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Experts from the University of Geneva give the vote in favor of ES: their clinical trials showed that the vape helped to leave off smoking tobacco cigarettes of 95% of people. Oncologists also speak about advantage of soaring. Independent experts during researches did not find in composition of liquid of any substance causing cancer. Cardiologists consider that the electronic cigarette is a good way to overcome smoking. Their researches showed that smokers who passed to steel ES much better to feel: at them short wind disappeared, became more rare to be shown tachycardia attacks. Also doctors claim: the risk of a heart attack is reduced several times upon transition to soaring.

Why other scientists say no

Scientists from Lawrence Berkeley laboratory proved that in liquid for soaring there are more than 30 toxic substances influencing nervous system, work mucous and other. And the American pulmonologists found in liquid for ES more than 7 thousand chemicals, many of which lead to oncology.

We recommend to study widespread myths about smoking.

Carcinogens result from interaction of the evaporator and fragrances in liquid. Other scientists claim that burned evaporations of ES promote active release of protein in cages. It leads to inflammation, a stress in cages. And also there can be diseases of a mouth and gums.

What is told about advantage and harm

How many people — are so much opinions. Let's consider that producers, smokers and non-smoking people speak about advantage and harm of electronic cigarettes.


Developers of electronic cigarettes insist on advantage. They say that use of nicotine happens in a safe form as there are no harmful toxins. One more plus of soaring is the cost of a set of cartridges — it not higher, than a pack of expensive cigarettes.

Therefore transition to ES does not demand additional expenses, apart from one-time purchase of the device. Producers claim: soaring is an effective way to leave off smoking tobacco if gradually to reduce amount of the consumed nicotine, passing to nicotine free liquid.

Also electronic cigarettes do not contain pitches and products of burning therefore lungs do not become soiled, as from usual smoking.

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Many smokers who passed to ES speak of them positively: it is possible to do the same movements, as with a usual cigarette, to feel the same taste, but without harmful consequences of burning. To buy such device and liquid for it now is not a problem.

It is possible to get ES in online stores or in the points specialized for this purpose. Besides it is possible to pick up taste, considering the personal preferences. According to forums concerning ES, many smoking people consider it rescue.

Smokers are hostages of tobacco, and often they feel discomfort when are in the company of non-smoking. They need constantly to look for a smoking-room or the suitable place to receive a necessary dose of nicotine.

Advantage of an electronic cigarette to any smoking person — it is possible to soar everywhere and even in public places. Many smoking people claim that after transition to ES they had a psychological thirst for them. And thinking that this type of smoking is absolutely safe, the person in increasing frequency is fond of steam deflation, thereby doing harm to an organism.


Non-smoking people, and especially women, whose husbands smoked tobacco earlier, and then passed to ES, speak about soaring pluses. It is pleasant to them that steam has no unpleasant smell, unlike tobacco smoke. It is possible is near the smoker and not to worry about harmful effects of passive smoking.

Plus is that there are no ashes and the problem of its hit on a thing, in the car disappears. Many non-smoking people are irritated by a dense cloud of steam which is released by people around in the course of soaring.

Electronic accessory: as a way to leave off smoking

The question of whether it is possible to leave off smoking by means of an electronic cigarette interests many. Upon transition to the vape the human body gets rid of negative impact of many harmful chemicals. Liquids for ES contain different amount of nicotine.

Examine from 10 reasons to leave off smoking.

It is absolutely possible to refuse it if gradually to pass to lighter liquids everything with the smaller and smaller content of nicotine, and so to nicotine free. Much such way helped to leave off smoking tobacco.

And attempts of return to usual cigarettes cause disgust in the smoker as tobacco smoke has very unpleasant taste. Nicotine addiction very strong. Many cannot get rid of it.

And even reducing amount of nicotine in liquid for soaring, smokers do not maintain and come back to usual smoking. As a way to leave off smoking, the electronic cigarette is effective for many. It is nicotine substitute, for example as a plaster, nicotinic chewing gum, etc.

We recommend to you to esteem how to leave off smoking.

But huge advantage of ES is that it imitates smoking process. The inhaling is of great importance for the smoker, it has also a psychological dependence on the process of smoking. This advantage will help the person to achieve the maximum result at refusal of usual cigarettes.

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For whom they precisely are impossible

There are groups of people to whom electronic cigarettes will definitely not bring benefit. Let's consider to whom soaring is contraindicated.

To children and teenagers

Nicotine at teenage age is very dangerous — it negatively influences development of a brain. The child becomes irritable, the level of progress decreases, respiratory organs suffer.

Liquids for ES without nicotine also contain a number of harmful chemicals which make negative impact on the children's not created organism.

Important! Most of teenagers try electronic cigarettes from interest. Later it becomes a habit. And after a while to them can want to smoke also a usual cigarette.

Pregnant and feeding

The vape and pregnancy are not compatible. Nicotine has negative effect on the course of pregnancy. Its influence can lead to an abortion on early terms and to premature birth on late. It quickly gets to a placenta, and then in fruit fabric — it leads to oxygen starvation of the kid.

Nicotine very quickly collects in a small organism and is practically not removed from it as it still completely was not created. This hazardous substance strikes a heart, a liver and other bodies of the baby.

Liquids for ES without nicotine did not study up to the end yet. Therefore precisely to tell how their soaring influences future mother and a fruit it is impossible. However propylene glycol and glycerin in the form of steam will definitely not bring any benefit.

Women in the period of a lactation also should refuse soaring. As any harmful chemicals and nicotine which are contained in liquid get through breast milk to the kid. And absolutely still the small organism can receive big blow from influence of carcinogens.

To allergic persons

This group of people is forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes. All substances which are in couple still completely are not studied. But nicotine, propylene glycol and especially fragrances can cause strong allergic reaction. It can be shown not at once, and in a day or even week.

Well and of course non-smoking

The risk of accustoming to the vape at non-smoking people is very high. Producers of a device claim that soaring is harmless — it becomes for many a starting point to try ES. But later there comes the dependence or even transition to usual cigarettes. Therefore to the non-smoking person before dragging on, it is worth thinking properly: and whether costs.

What if does not manage to be thrown: rules of the choice of electronic cigarettes and liquid

To buy a qualitative device, it is necessary to remember some things:

  1. Choose goods of the known brands. Thus you reduce risk to get a fake.
  2. Pay attention to cost. There is a probability that the cheap goods of bad quality and will not serve to you long.
  3. Examine a device on existence of marriage and damages.
  4. Get acquainted with responses on the Internet. So it will be easier for you to choose goods.
  5. Liquids should be bought only in specialized shops to avoid a fake.
  6. Before purchase surely study composition of liquid.

Important! The seller has to show the certificate of WHO confirming quality of goods. If there is no such document, then, most likely, it is a fake.

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Usual or electronic: what is more harmful

The usual cigarette, unlike the vape contains many products of burning:

  • benzapiren;
  • ammonium;
  • nitrosamines;
  • aromatic amines;
  • ethyl aldehyde;
  • monocarbon monoxide;
  • complex phenols;
  • naphthols;
  • acetone;
  • naftalina;
  • cyanogen;
  • isoprenes;
  • nitrozodimetilamin;
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

But it does not mean that soaring is harmless. Nicotine is both in traditional and in electronic cigarettes. All know about its negative impact. But, proceeding from researches of scientists, nicotine free liquid for ES when heating decays, forming two hazardous substances: akleroin and formaldehyde.

These poisons have negative effect on central nervous system and sexual function. Steam which is formed in the course of smoking of the vape accumulates in lungs and leads to inflammation of respiratory organs. Let's consider comparison of ES and usual.

Electronic cigarette:

  • when heating liquid, poisonous carcinogens are formed;
  • when soaring, fine steam is formed;
  • after soaring there is no yellow raid left for teeth;
  • there is no unpleasant smell of tobacco;
  • the effect of passive smoking is not proved;
  • temperature of steam which gets into lungs is 50 °C.

Usual cigarette:

  • it contains more than 4 thousand toxic agents;
  • more than 70 carcinogens get into lungs together with smoke;
  • smoking promotes formation of the raid on teeth influencing enamel;
  • after smoking from the person still long time unpleasantly smells;
  • harm of passive smoking is proved;
  • tobacco burns at 1100 °C, and smoke gets into lungs heated to 300 °C.

Having studied all above-mentioned it is possible to tell that the electronic cigarette is less harmful, than usual. But anyway both smoking, and soaring have negative effect on a human body.

People who try to leave off smoking need to enter milk, a celery, a citrus (orange, a lemon, a lime, tangerine, grapefruit, a bergamot), a kiwi, currant, bananas into the diet and also it is necessary to use a large amount of water.

Video: that electronic or usual cigarettes are more harmful

Let's sum up the result: advantages and shortcomings of electronic cigarettes

Vape pluses:

  1. In ES there are no products of burning and pitches which contain in usual cigarettes. Therefore lungs when soaring do not become soiled.
  2. Transition to the vape — an opportunity to leave off smoking tobacco, gradually reducing nicotine level.
  3. When soaring there is no tobacco smoke. From a mouth, on clothes and hands there is no unpleasant smell.
  4. ES can be used practically in any place as there is no smoke, ashes and garbage after smoking.
  5. The vape is fireproof.
  6. Use of electronic cigarettes does not harm people around as people do not become passive smokers.

Minuses of electronic cigarettes:

  1. Upon transition to ES the psychological habit to smoking does not disappear.
  2. Only producers claim that in liquid for the vape there are no harmful impurity. Though specialists of WHO still up to the end did not investigate and did not prove this fact.
  3. ES are not subject to obligatory certification. It means that it is possible to get a fake or low-quality goods.

To soar an electronic cigarette or to smoke tobacco products is the choice of everyone. Anyway, smoking is an addiction against which it is necessary to fight.


Tried this novelty. The feeling is rather negative, than positive. I will explain why. Where there's smoke there is fire. Also there is no smoking without smoke. Really, smoke very strange, lasts hard. The artificial spark of unnaturally scarlet color upset, it would not be better absolutely. But after an electronic cigarette I decided to leave off smoking, having imagined electronic food, water and other. Not naturally somehow left. In a usual cigarette there is a tobacco illusion (I doubt that raw materials naturally for 100%), in electronic there is no it also)))

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To change a pricker for soap? It is the same dependence in what sense, you only do not tell health it is proved by nobody. And think for what in an electronic cigarette the microprocessor - it to you will not be explained by sellers of a new trap! Really steam creation difficult process for which it is necessary pass the computer! It is necessary to make of you on the remained life a milk cow, and electronic to throw much more difficult why!

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