Whether your organism has enough fluorine: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

Whether your organism has enough fluorine: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

often the reason of our feeling sick, fatigue, appearance of various diseases or just discomfortable feelings is the lack or a surplus of any given substance of an organism. However often we do not suspect about it as very small amount of people is inclined to controlling the food and, especially, to observe the correct balance of useful substances which are received from food by our organism.

Description and characteristic

Fluorine is chemically active poisonous gas which has pale yellow color and very pungent smell, can turn into liquid or strong state at very low temperatures. In translation from Greek the name of this element means destruction, and it was given to fluorine not just like that: the fact is that in reactions with other substances it has destructive effect on some of them, sometimes causing ignition and explosions.

Trying to receive pure fluorine, many researchers and scientists perished or became disabled people. This fact also became the reason that substance was given one more, already unofficial name — bringing destruction.

Whether you know? Brothers George and Thomas Noksy — members of Academy of Sciences of the kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland were the first scientists who suffered because of attempts to receive free fluorine. For achievement of the purpose they made the device of fluorspar, however they did not manage to receive a desirable microcell. Such attempts led to fast death of Thomas Knox. His brother owing to the made experiments incapacitated and was forced to be treated three years.

At last it was succeeded to emit fluorine at the end of H_H of a century to scientists-chemists from France. Approximately at the same time it was proved that, despite the name and all the dangerous properties, this element is necessary for a human body.

It is important to know value and a role of minerals in a human body.

Functions and role in an organism

It is necessary to distinguish the following from the important functions executed by fluorine in a human body:

  1. This microcell is the most important participant of exchange of minerals.
  2. Its existence is an important factor of stable development of a strong skeleton, hardening and accretion of bones after their damage.
  3. Positively influences hair and nails, stimulates their growth and promotes hardening.
  4. In interaction with phosphorus and calcium, prevents development of caries.
  5. Is an important part of process of a krovotvoreniye.
  6. It maintains the working condition of immunity.
  7. Promotes formation of tooth enamel and a bone tissue, maintaining integrity of teeth.

What contains fluorine: products sources

As as we see, the human body feels the need for fluorine, it is important to know what products should be used to sate it with this microcell. The considered substance gets into our organism with the following products:

  • usual drinking water (from 60 to 80% of fluorine come to an organism through water);
  • black and green tea;
  • seafood;

Whether you know? As from food fluorine is acquired hardly, to the adult without increased loads on an organism to accept a necessary daily dose of a microcell, it is necessary to drink 5 glasses of black tea, to eat 700 g of sea fish, 3.5 kg of grain bread or 300 g of walnuts.

  • walnut;
  • grain, orub;
  • milk;
  • eggs;
  • meat;
  • onions;
  • green sheet vegetables;
  • potatoes;
  • wine;
  • apples;
  • grapefruits, tangerines.

Daily requirement and norms

That your bones were strong, teeth healthy, and immunity resistant, it is necessary to satisfy sutochnub the need of an organism for fluorine. The daily dose of this element necessary for a human body depends on the body weight, age and energy consumption therefore the needs for it at adults, children, athletes and pregnant women considerably differ.

It is important to know norm, value and a role of minerals in a human body: calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium, chrome.

For adults

The average mature person with normal energy consumption needs to accept together with food one and a half mg of such substance a day. We, as a rule, receive its greatest number from drinking water. Among producers of water there is a tendency to enrichment with its synthetic fluoride of sodium if, got directly from a source, it contains not enough fluorine (i.e. if it contains less than 5 mg of substance on one liter).

For children

It is especially important to satisfy the need for fluorine of a children's organism: up to 17 years, bones and teeth are still formed and mineralized, and this element in this process plays very important role. The daily dose of fluorine for a children's organism makes about 1 mg.

Important! Reception of 5 and more grams of fluorine a day is dangerous to human life.

For pregnant women

As before incubation of the child in a female body there is a set of natural changes, besides, it is a source of all necessary substances and for a fruit, the daily dose of the considered substance recommended for the use to pregnant women exceeds the dose necessary for the ordinary adult. It makes about 1.5 mg

For athletes

Daily training, athletes, of course, spend more energy, than the people who are not exposed to strong physical activities. Respectively, and a daily dose of fluorine which athletes have to use, above — 2 mg.

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Deficiency and surplus: reasons and symptoms

This microcell can bring to the person both advantage, and harm. It is important to watch that the amount of such substance in the products accepted by you in a day was not too small or, on the contrary, big. Both the shortcoming, and a surplus in an organism can lead it to undesirable consequences.


Water which we drink every day — the main source of this substance for the person therefore the banal lack of drinking water of your daily diet can be the cause of deficiency of a microcell in an organism.

Symptoms of shortage of fluorine:

  • appearance of caries, erosion, necroses on teeth, emergence of their hypersensitivity;
  • fragile nails;
  • loss, fragility of hair;
  • developing of iron deficiency anemia;
  • osteoporosis (it is especially characteristic of those people whose age exceeds 50 years).

Surplus and its harm

The surplus of this substance can be caused by administration of drugs as a part of which it is, or the use of water with too high concentration of fluorine.

It is important know what can will turn back gipervitaminoz and whether it is worth being afraid of avitaminosis.

It is possible to approve a surplus of such element in an organism in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dacryagogue;
  • loss of a voice;
  • general weakness of an organism;
  • trembling of fingers;
  • spasms;
  • bleeding of gums;
  • diarrhea, belly-aches;
  • bradycardia;
  • pneumonia;
  • violation of fat exchange;
  • problems with central nervous system.

Important! Water to which specially add fluorine does not bring any benefit to babies, and on the contrary, promotes deterioration in brain activity that is expressed in decrease in the IQ level. Researches prove that the children living in areas with the fluorinated water concede in intellectual development and mental abilities to those children who live in places where water is not fluorinated.

Medicines with fluorine

Quite often to increase the level of concentration of fluorine in an organism or to improve dental health, people apply medicines which part this element is. Among them:

  1. The Aquafresh toothpaste which promotes decrease in sensitivity of teeth and has antiseptic effect. Apply it by toothbrushing in the morning and in the evening. There are no contraindications to application.
  2. Drops of Vitaftorum — medicine which is applied to prevention of caries at children and normalization of formation of second teeth. Is accepted inside in time or in 15 minutes after a meal.
  3. Sensigel gel is a tooth gel which promotes decrease in sensitivity of solid tissues of tooth. After toothbrushing, gel is applied on painless zones.
  4. Sodium solution fluoride is applied locally or inside to prevention of caries and treatment of not carious defeats or the general increase in amount of fluorine in an organism.

Interaction with other substances

Fluorides form badly soluble connections at reaction with ions of magnesium, calcium and aluminum. Magnesium strongly slows down processes of digestion of fluorine. If you want to increase substance level by intake of special medicines, it is better not to accept them together with the drugs containing magnesium.

Accepting this element together with A and D vitamins, you promote emergence of firm formations on bones. It also badly influences digestion of iodine therefore it is better to refuse fluorine-containing medicines if you accept means with iodine.

Learn for what such vitamins as methionine, bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, fillokhinon, cholecalciferol, pangamovy acid, metoksantin, orotovy acid, cyanocobalamine, a left carnitine are necessary.

At the same time fluorine promotes improvement of digestion of iron. An example of it are quite frequent cases of joint course of caries and iron deficiency anemia.

Whether you know? In the majority of the developed countries of the world water is specially not fluorinated. A lion's part of water to which specially add this element is used by residents of the USA: they drink it more, than residents of all other countries of the world combined.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

The main contraindication to the use of a microcell is connected with its overdose as in certain doses (5 g) it can lead to a lethal outcome. It is important to control that amount of fluorine which comes to your organism together with medicines and products in which it contains. For the rest whether it is possible and whether you need to take the fluorine-containing drugs, depends on specific features of your organism.

Fluorine is a substance which is necessary for your organism for normal development of teeth, formations and strengthenings of bones, etc., however, its surplus can lead to undesirable consequences. It is important to know what daily dose of fluorine is normal for your organism and with what food it is possible to receive it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team