"Whether your organism has enough Germany: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

"Whether your organism has enough Germany: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

The human body contains a huge number micro and macrocells without which full functioning of all bodies and systems would be just impossible. People hear about some of them constantly, and about existence of others do not suspect at all, but all of them play the role in good health. Treats to the last group also germaniye, contained in a human body in an organic look. What are the element for what processes is responsible and what its level it is considered norm — read further.

Description and characteristic

In a common understanding of germaniye is one of the chemical elements presented in the known table of Mendeleyev (treats to the fourth group). In the nature it is presented in the form of solid, gray-white substance with a metal reflection, but in a human body contains in an organic form.

It is necessary to tell that it is impossible to call it very rare as it is found out in iron and sulphidic ores and silicates though practically does not form own minerals of germaniye. Content of chemical element in bark of Earth exceeds concentration of silver, antimony and bismuth several times, and in separate minerals its quantity reaches 10 kg on ton. Waters of the World Ocean contain about 6•10-5 mg/l Germany.

Many plants growing on different continents are capable to absorb a small amount of this chemical element and its connections from soil then they can get also into a human body. In an organic look all such components are directly involved in various exchange and recovery processes about what the speech will go further.

Whether you know? For the first time this chemical element was noticed in 1886, and learned about it thanks to efforts of the German uchennogo-chemist K. Vinkler. However, up to this point Mendeleyev (in 1869) also told about its existence who at first conditionally called his "ekasilitsiy".

Functions and role in an organism

Still quite recently scientists considered that germaniye it is absolutely useless for the person and in principle does not perform absolutely any function in a body of living organisms. Nevertheless, today, it is precisely known that separate organic compounds of this chemical element can successfully be used even as medicinal structures though into the account of their efficiency to speak so far early.

The experiments made on laboratory rodents showed that even a small amount Germany is capable to increase life expectancy of animals by 25-30%, and this already in itself the good reason to think of its advantage and for the person. Already conducted researches of a role organic Germany in a human body allow to allocate the following biological functions of this chemical element:

  • prevention of oxygen starvation of an organism by transferring of oxygen to fabrics (the risk of the so-called "blood hypoxia" which is shown at decrease in amount of hemoglobin in erythrocytes decreases);
  • stimulation of development of protective functions of an organism by suppression of processes of distribution of microbic cages and activation of specific cages of immunity;
  • active antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial influence due to producing the interferon protecting an organism from harmful microorganisms;
  • powerful antioxidant influence which is expressed in blocking of free radicals;
  • arrest of development of tumoral new growths and prevention of education a metastasis (in this case germaniye neutralizes action of negatively charged particles);
  • acts as the regulator of valve systems of digestion, a venous system and vermicular movement;
  • at the expense of a stop of the movement of electrons in nervous cages, connections Germany promote decrease in various painful manifestations.

All made experiments providing determination of speed of distribution Germany in a human body after its oral use showed what later after reception of most of all this element contains 1.5 hours in a stomach, a small intestine, a spleen, marrow, well and, of course, in blood. That is, the high Germany level in bodies of digestive system proves its prolonged action at absorption in a blood-groove.

Important! You should not check independently on yourself effect of the specified chemical element, the wrong calculation of a dosage can quite lead to serious poisoning.

What contains germaniye in: products sources

Any microcell in our organism performs a certain function therefore for good health and maintenance of a tone it is so important to provide optimum level of any given components. It concerns also Germany. To fill up its stocks, it is possible daily using garlic (exactly here it contains most of all), wheat bran, bean cultures, cepes, tomatoes, fish and seafood (in particular, squids, shrimps and mussels), a sea cabbage, milk and even a ginseng, a ramson and an aloe. It is possible to strengthen action Germany on an organism by means of selenium. Many of the specified products without problems will be in the house at each hostess therefore no difficulties should arise.

Learn what role in a human body is carried out by magnesium, chlorine, manganese, iodine, silicon and what products are rich with these elements.

Daily requirement and norms

It is no secret that the surplus even of useful components can do much harm at all not less than their shortage therefore before passing to completion of the lost quantity Germany, it is important to know about its admissible standard daily rate. Usually this value fluctuates ranging from 0.4 up to 1.5 mg and depends on age of the person and the available deficiency of a microcell.

The human body well copes with absorption Germany (absorption of the specified chemical element makes 95%) and rather evenly distributes it on fabrics and bodies (no matter it is about extracellular or intracellular space). A conclusion Germany outside occurs together with urine (there are about 90%).

Important! Organic compounds of this chemical element are characterized by very high antioxidant properties, and their level is higher than even at vitamin C, E and coenzyme Q.

Deficiency and surplus

As we already mentioned above, any extreme not to good. That is, both shortage, and excess of quantity Germany in an organism it is capable to have an adverse effect on its functional features. So, at deficiency of a microcell (is result of its limited consumption together with food or violations of exchange processes in an organism) development of osteoporosis and demineralization of a bone tissue is possible and also the possibility of oncological states several times raises.

Excessive quantity Germany makes the poisoning impact on an organism, and connections of a two-year element are considered as especially dangerous. In most cases its surplus can be explained with inhalation of pure vapors under production conditions (maximum allowable concentration in air can be 2 mg/CBM). At direct contact with chloride Germany local irritations of skin are not excluded, and its hit in an organism is often fraught with damages of a liver and kidneys.

Whether you know? Japanese for the first time became interested in the medical purposes in the described element, and the research of doctor Asai who found a wide range of biological effect Germany became the real break in this direction.

As we see, the described microcell is really necessary to our organism, let its role so far and be not up to the end studied. Therefore to maintain optimum balance just eat more than the listed products and try not to be in harmful working conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team