Whether your organism has enough iron: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

Whether your organism has enough iron: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

The healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition become more and more popular every day, and it is simply remarkable, such aspiration leads to longevity and life practically without diseases and indispositions. For this purpose first of all the balanced diet in which there will be at the necessary quantities all vitamins, minerals and minerals is necessary for the person.

Both the shortcoming, and a surplus of useful substances are capable to cause discomfort and an indisposition therefore it is extremely important to listen to the organism and accurately to catch what is not enough for it or what to be much at present.

Today we will stop on such important microcell as iron in more detail, and its roles in activity of a human body. Let's deal with how to reveal an imbalance of this useful substance and what to do if it is present.

Description and characteristic

Fe is one of minerals which is extremely important for the person. It is caused by the fact that it participates in numerous chemical processes which happen in an organism. Let it contains not so much — the adult has only 4-5 g, but it does not underestimate its value at all. Fe is one of hemoglobin components and also enters into structure of a myoglobin and cytochromes.

Functions and role in an organism

This microcell — multipurpose, it carries out several important tasks in an organism. Iron is included into structure of hemoglobin, it helps to hold oxygen in blood. By means of this element in proteins oxygen from lungs on all blood system keeps and transferred and return of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction is provided. Fe participates in exchange of cholesterol and helps a liver to be cleaned from hazardous substances.

Whether you know? Such by-product of production of sugar as black treacle, appears, is very useful as it contains a lot of calcium, gland, potassium, magnesium and B6 vitamin.

Iron is an integral part of process of blood formation and production of cells of DNA. In addition the microcell is necessary for oxidation-reduction reactions and also for formation and functioning of the immune system of an organism. Also the endocrine system does not do without it: iron promotes production of hormones of a thyroid gland and is responsible for adjustment of exchange processes. In addition Fe is necessary for:

  • saturation of cages and bodies oxygen;
  • accelerations of growth, resilience to diseases;
  • prevention of iron deficiency anemia;
  • prevention of fatigue, stress and depression;
  • beauty and health of skin.

The best assistants for appearance skin among vitamins — vitamin A and vitamin E.

What contains iron: products sources

It is simple to add the diet with products with the high content of iron as it contains in the majority of habitual and available vegetables and grain, in fish, meat and an offal and also in bakery products.

In order that iron was better acquired by an organism, it is necessary to add vitamin C to a diet.

Most of all well usvoyaemy Fe contains in beef, beef liver, kidneys and language, pork, pork liver, meat of a rabbit and turkey. Also buckwheat, porridge and bean, namely haricot, peas, soybeans are rich in this microcell. A lot of iron is a part white and a cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beet, turnip, broccoli, spinach, nuts and eggs. Also a source of Fe is fish, seafood, namely mussels and oysters and also seaweed.

Peaches, pears, apples, bilberry and also the majority of dried fruits (dates, prunes, dried apricots, raisin) are rich with this microcell. One of its sources is cottage cheese and also forest mushrooms, white and chanterelles.

Daily requirement and norms

Depending on age and the state of health of the person the need for iron changes. Therefore for adults and children the daily dose differs.

Important! The maximum quantity of iron consumed in day by the adult should not exceed 45 mg.

For adults

The adult man needs 10 mg of iron daily. At the same time in a reserve of an organism there have to be 500–1500 mg of this microcell. The norm for women, slightly higher, it is 15–20 mg, and in a stock there have to be 300–1000 mg. It is connected with the fact that during periods the woman monthly loses a large amount of this useful substance.

For children

As iron is an integral part of process of growth, its presence at an organism is extremely important for children. The daily standard daily rate for children up to 18 years is 5–15 mg. The child becomes more senior, the bigger quantity of a microcell is required to him.

For pregnant women

During pregnancy and a lactation the need for iron increases therefore the lower standard daily rate is 20 mg, but it can increase therefore during such period it is extremely important to monitor analyses and, perhaps, to adjust the maintenance of Fe by means of nutritional supplements as its contents in food can be insufficient.

We advise to learn what vitamins are necessary for pregnant women and the feeding mothers.

Deficiency and surplus: reasons and symptoms

In a human body there has to be a balance: both shortage, and a surplus even of the most useful substances involve a number of problems which can be avoided if to listen to the health.


The reasons of shortage of this microcell can be a little. The deficiency of iron can arise because of:

  • improper feeding, vegetarianism, wearisome diets;
  • big blood losses owing to injuries, plentiful periods, internal bleedings of different etymology;
  • bad absorbability in a digestive tract, because of gastritis, dysbacteriosis and problems with intestines;
  • oncological diseases;
  • shortcoming or violation of exchange of vitamin C;
  • hormonal violations;
  • surplus of zinc, calcium, phosphates, vitamin E;
  • organism intoxications.

In addition the shortage of iron in an organism happens in the teenage period, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It will be for certain useful for you to learn what vitamins are useful to women, men and teenagers.

It is possible to determine that the organism lacks Fe by the following signs and symptoms:

  • irritability, tearfulness, headaches and dizzinesses;
  • fatigue and fast refatigue;
  • pallor of integuments;
  • memory impairment and scattered attention;
  • inadequate behavior at children, a delay in development;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • violations in work of an endocrine system;
  • low body temperature;
  • kids can have a geofagiya, that is such perversions in food as desire to eat chalk, the earth, sand;
  • violations of flavoring feelings, cracks are always on the lips, dryness in a mouth;
  • fragility of nails;
  • destruction of teeth.

It will be useful for you to esteem how it is shown gipervitaminoz, avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis.

Surplus and its harm

The excess of iron is also harmful, as well as its shortcoming, and it can arise as a result:

  • the large number consumed with food and Fe water;
  • chronic alcoholism;
  • violations in work of a liver, spleen and pancreas;
  • violations of exchange processes in an organism.

Symptoms of a surplus of iron are such:

  • breakdown, the increased refatigue;
  • dizzinesses and headaches;
  • decrease in body weight, loss of appetite;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • violations in work of intestines, and as a result, locks or diarrhea;
  • heartburn and stomach pains;
  • emergence on skin of pigmentary spots.

In the presence of any symptoms or signs of shortage or surplus of iron it is necessary to consult immediately with the doctor and also to make all necessary tests for confirmation of the diagnosis. And after that — to modify quantity of a useful microcell in an organism by means of food or ferriferous medicines.

It is important! In order that vegetables and fruit kept vitamins and minerals, it is impossible to store them in the fridge. And that useful substances remained after heat treatment give preference to cooking on couple.

Medicines with iron

It is possible to fill up iron reserves in an organism by means of medicines. Depending on what scales of deficiency, it is possible to pick up tablets, vitamin complexes and various dietary supplements (dietary supplements).

Such drugs are widely presented in modern pharmacology. They are various by quantity of the microcell which is a part and also can be domestic and import production. Itself cannot appoint such medicines independently at all, and it is necessary to begin their reception only after consultation with the doctor.

Interaction with other substances

Iron — rather whimsical microcell. It is well acquired together with copper, vitamins A, C and B3.

Such minerals as calcium, magnesium, zinc and chrome, worsen absorbability of iron therefore at deficiency it is better for Fe to limit their reception.

And iron, in turn, can interfere with digestion of calcium and manganese and also vitamins E and B12.

Whether you know? Letters between E and K in designation of vitamins are passed because once the vitamins corresponding to them were subtypes of vitamin B or were mistakenly open.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Ferriferous products and medicines should be used with care and, by all means after consultation with the expert.

Contraindication to application are:

  • individual intolerance which is followed by allergic reactions;
  • excess of iron in an organism;
  • violations of absorbability of a microcell;
  • sufficient content of substance in an organism.

It is necessary to observe such security measures:

  1. It is not necessary to apply ferriferous medicines in a complex with tetracyclines and antatsida as they reduce absorbability of substance from digestive tract.
  2. At emergence of collateral reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, it is necessary to stop immediately administration of drugs, to consult with the doctor and to modify food.
  3. During therapy it is regularly worth making tests and to control iron level in blood.

Now you know, as the lack, and an iron surplus of a human body are equally dangerous. To be healthy, the person needs to maintain balance of vitamins and minerals by means of the healthy, balanced and good nutrition, or in some cases — by means of special medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team