Why it is impossible to sleep in the afternoon?"

Why it is impossible to sleep in the afternoon?"

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people, especially at office workers and pupils have a day drowsiness. It appears for various reasons. In most cases arises because of, tension, irritability, a stress, a lack of oxygen or certain vitamins. Plus influences also the environment. From 50 to 70% of all people in the world suffer from day drowsiness. It is stated by World Health Organization.

Try not to sleep in the afternoon. Scientists proved that the day dream reduces your life. For this purpose, to learn such effect, experts from the Cambridge university made an experiment. In it is mute took participation of 16,000 people. Experts interviewed all volunteers about the dream mode. Plus after questionnaire, scientists also watched them within 13 years. Generally it were people age from 40 to 79 years. They regularly liked to have a sleep in the afternoon till one o'clock. Thus physicians, found out that at fans to have a sleep every chance to die actively increased. Besides, than more people liked to sleep in the afternoon, that at them the risk was higher to die. For example, 2 hours of a day dream increase risk of death by 32%.

Plus, other scientists from the University of California, also proved harm of the interrupted sleep. According to them, each person needs to sleep at night, but not in the afternoon. At the same time, at least 8 hours a day. As, violation of all this brings to: to heart and vascular diseases. And, above all, oncological. Plus, is broken also work of an endocrine system. And psychological frustration at such schedule will actively pursue you. Therefore, scientists insist on that all people slept only in the night from the 8th hour schedule.

All experts agree in opinion that the day dream cannot replace night at all. And just the opposite will become for you one of the main reasons of all your problems.

To all this, experts also found out that at least 20% of all people on Earth suffer from chronic sleep disorder. And it is only statistics. Actually it is more of them.

Therefore, physicians give also additional advice which will help you to normalize your dream:

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