Why it is impossible to use wet towel wipes?

Why it is impossible to use wet towel wipes?

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people use wet towel wipes. This irreplaceable means for personal hygiene. Especially in places where there is no opportunity to be washed. For example in transport or on a picnic. But almost nobody thinks of their harm which they do to people. Every year the salfetny victims become more and more. And for today already dermatologists from around the world shout of their harm.

Many consider that napkins are means of improvement. They do not contain alcohol, protect from bacteria and work as antibacterial and soothingly means. But all this far not so. And therefore, it is not necessary to trust everything that is written.

Scientists proved that wet towel wipes are a strongest enemy of health. Especially for babies. They promote strong allergic reaction. Such conclusions were drawn by dermatologists. Besides, cases of such allergies every day around the world only increases.

Statistically – 11% of percent of all most serious skin diseases arose at patients because of wet towel wipes. Therefore, first of all the feeding mothers need to refuse napkins and also, it is not necessary to use them for kids.

Scientists found out why these kind of a miracle healthy napkins are so unhealthy. It is all about antibacterial liquid under the name metilizotiazolinon which impregnated napkins. This substance causes dermatitis first of all in kids. They have too sensitive and thin skin. Therefore, young mothers protect the children and do not use for them a napkin.

Besides, gynecologists also warn about dangers which conceal in themselves napkins. According to them first of all it is necessary to refuse napkins with different dezodiruyushchy additives. They bear various allergic reactions.

But if all of you cannot, refuse wet towel wipes, then best of all get them in drugstores. As a last resort in specialized shops. And if you are forced to buy them for children, then pay special attention to packing. Choose only those packings on which it is registered that they for kids. At the same time, attentively read their structure. They have to contain only natural components.

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