10 councils for the choice of children's locks on windows

10 councils for the choice of children's locks on windows

For the purpose of safety many parents in addition put special children's locks and locks on windows. They allow to open windows for airing, but do not allow kids to open them completely. Installation process of locks on windows rather simple, the main thing is to pick up locks correctly.

Types of children's locks on windows

Children's locks on windows – designs, quite simple and available at the price, which can be established both on wooden, and on plastic windows. They will ensure safety to kids and pets and also will raise vzlomostoykost of windows.

Proceeding from the principle of work and options of installation, window locks are divided into the following types:

  • consignment notes;
  • cut-in;
  • handles with the button or the lock;
  • locks with rope;
  • locks;
  • lock socket (stub);
  • comb;
  • automatic blockers.

The most popular option of protection of windows is the handle with the lock. The principle of installation and work simple – simple handle of a window is replaced special with already built-in lock. As a result it will be possible to open window only key. At the same time the functionality of window is not lost, it will be possible to fix shutter in various provisions (opened, closed or on the mode "airing). Essential minus of model – without key it will be impossible to open window even on airing.

There is handle with the button. The principle of work same, as well as at the handle with the lock, it is only necessary to press the button. The button is very hard pressed therefore the child will not be able independently to make it.

The scarf represents the device consisting of two elements. The body with the castle mechanism is established in the lower part of shutter, and the second block with uvula fastens to frame. In this case the key is necessary only completely to crack window.

The box lock is put in shutter and window casement, and on the functionality it is completely identical to the laid on device. Mounting of box lock is much more difficult and from the fitter the corresponding knowledge, experience and availability of special purpose tools will be required.

Locks locks or fixers call the cut-in, laid on or built-in in the handle locks or buttons. At some producers the locks are meant as special latches which are put on each side and at the top of window.

The lock socket externally is special openings into which it is necessary to insert the removable handle to open or close window. Such opening on frame is normal for esthetics is covered with special stub. The only minus - the handle should be carried with itself or to hide in spot, remote for the child.

 "Comb" - very unreliable lock for windows. Fastens to frame self-tapping screws and fixes shutter tilt angle.

One more kind of the window locking device is lock with rope. On exterior he reminds standard bicycle locks. It is the most popular design for sliding windows. One part of the device fastens on shutter, the second – on frame and between them settles down rope. It does not allow window to open more, than on predetermined distance. In essence, the lock fixer works as door chain. For it the special hexagonal wrench is provided. Length of rope can be chosen any, the main thing that it was possible to open window on airing, but at the same time the child could not open it completely.

The automatic blocker strictly blocks opening of window more certain corner. For full opening it will be necessary to press the button from above.

Opportunities and pluses of this model of the window lock:

  • automatic fixer of shutter;
  • accurate fixation of open shutter;
  • limits opening width in provision of turn on 50 mm when mounting from bolt, and at horizontal placement various width of opening is allowed;
  • adjustment range of reciprocal part on frame is about 3 mm.

Councils for the choice of children's locks on windows

1.    Choose locks from the reliable checked producers. The largest companies which have positively proved: MACO, Baby Safe Lock, the German firm ROTO, JACKLOC (makes rope locks and handles locks of high strength). The PENKID lock is suitable for sliding windows. It not only will secure your child, but also will protect the house from breaking, is suitable for any types of window sections.

2.    Do not save on safety. Qualitative latching mechanisms on windows cannot be cheap.

3.    Consider the sizes and construction features of windows. Make all necessary measurements (windowsill depth, width of shutter of window and distance from windowsill to shutters).

4.    For installation of children's locks it is better to invite the expert to windows. The master will instruct on use and will correctly install the locking device.

5.    Consider all options of children's locks on windows, consider all their pluses and minuses and choose the most suitable model for your house. Buy factory models, independently manufactured locks in handicraft conditions will not be able reliably to protect the child. Safety of dear people is more expensive than any money.

6.    If you rent the apartment, install handles with the lock better. When moving they can be unscrewed and then it is easy to establish on the new place.

7.    Attentively read the operating manual of locks on windows and adhere to the recommendations listed in it. It will significantly prolong operating time of the locking devices.

8.    To avoid risk to be locked on the balcony, masters recommend to install the special handle with the button, it needs to be built in at balcony door. 

9.    If you often air the room or window constantly openly, install the lock with key.

10.  When choosing children's locks on windows surely consider age and growth of the child.

Except the listed most popular locks on windows there are various systems of protection which are installed on separate models of windows or work with certain modes.

Practically all models of children's locks on windows are compact and functional designs which look very esthetically and protect children and animals from loss from window. They are very universal and can be established at the main types of windows (tree, plastic, aluminum) both in private possession, and in industrial premises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team