10 interesting things for rest in garden

10 interesting things for rest in garden

To the dacha the city dwellers go not only to work on kitchen garden and to receive good harvest of fruit and vegetables. Own garden is, of course, also the great vacation spot. Several simple cunnings will help to make pastime at the dacha even more convenient and pleasant.

It will be possible to have a rest with comfort at the dacha, of course, having only established in garden and in the yard various street furniture. To make garden tables and benches and also other accessories, it is possible the hands from various improvised materials.

Country accessories

From what and how it is possible to make interesting, beautiful and convenient furniture for rest in garden?

1. The simplest hammock

To have opportunity with convenience to lie down in the fresh air, reading, for example, the book, in garden it is worth hanging up hammock. The simplest accessory of this type it is very easy to make of piece of strong fabric 3х1.5 m, two carbines and ropes.

To make hammock, fabric is put in half on the long party, do accordions of its edges, push them in carbines, bent and connected by strings. Further to carbines strong ropes just fix and hang up the turned-out hammock between trees.

2. Table and chair from old tires

For tea drinking in the fresh air it is possible to collect in garden table and chairs from old tires. For production of table put at each other three big tires from the truck, and chairs — from passenger. The table-top is done of plywood, and by sidenk for chairs — of not too rough tarpaulin.

3. Swing from old chair

Very pleasantly will have a rest in garden, of course, and riding swing. It is possible to make them, for example, of old chair.

From chair saw off legs and beat instead of them at the edges to seat two horizontal boards. Further in boards drill openings, insert into them strong ropes and hang up swing on some crossbeam.

4. Lamp from grater

It is in the fresh air pleasant to have a rest in garden, of course, not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening. To make the original street lamp very just of old big grater for vegetables.

In small plate drill opening and stretch in it cable with the boss. The grater is beaten to plate for the handle so that the boss has appeared in it and twist incandescence bulb in cartridge.

5. Temporary benches

For convenience at first, for example, while the house is under construction, at the dacha it is possible to deliver couple of penoblochny benches. Such material is put in seat on normal technology with bandaging, but without solution use.

To sit on concrete bench it was convenient and safe for health, from above it is closed pieces of foam rubber. For esthetics all design at the final stage can be closed cover from some beautiful waterproof fabric of bright color. From blocks at the dacha it is possible to lay out also sun bed.

6. Jewelry of concrete

It is possible to make design of garden more pleasant, having established along paths and in lawns small figures from concrete. As form for production of such elements of landscaping — fungi, ladybugs, caterpillars, flowers — it is possible to use, for example, old kapron stockings, cups, plastic bottles , etc.

Interesting things for picnic in garden

Certainly, many city dwellers go to the dacha including to fry and eat in the fresh air shish kebabs. What life hacks can be used when holding such action?

7. We check readiness of shish kebab

To measure readiness of meat, fried on coals, by eye often happens very difficult. Itself can facilitate this procedure, using the thin branch found in garden.

The twig is just smoothed out knife, and then pierce it meat directly on skewer or grid. If the branch easily enters piece and on it there will be no blood left — the shish kebab can be given to table.

8. Country mojito

To shish kebab in garden it is possible to give self-made the refreshing mojitos. For preparation of this drink in glasses pour sparkling water and throw in it thin slices of lemon and leaflets of mint.

Before giving to table such drink should be put for couple of minutes in the fridge.

Fight against insects

By means of simple receptions in garden it is possible to get rid also of annoying mosquitoes and ants.

9. Carnation from mosquitoes

The specific smell of carnation is very pleasant for the person and is intolerable for mosquitoes. For scaring away of insects just do broth of this spice on water.

Wipe with the turned-out means after cooling skin on open areas. Frightens off clove broth of dear purchased structures blood-sicking not worse.

10. We get rid of ants

It is the simplest to frighten off these small insects, for example, from street tables and benches with use of normal soda and sugar. These ingredients mix in equal proportions and strew with the turned-out means the earth around legs of street furniture. Ants disappear after that very quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team