10 useful ideas on use of the microwave

10 useful ideas on use of the microwave

For what does the person usually use the microwave oven? Of course, to warm in it food. But on it the usefulness of this household appliance does not come to an end.


1. If to put in the microwave of seasoning or ground spices and to warm them at ultimate power of 30 seconds - the former aroma will return to them.

2. Stale bread can become fresh again if to wrap it in tissue and to warm up it in the furnace at ultimate power of one minute.

3. In order that it is easy to peel almonds, it is necessary to wet it and to leave in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

4. Walnuts, also as well as almonds, it is possible to clean quickly by means of the microwave. It is necessary to warm up only them in water of 4-5 minutes at ultimate power.

5. Do not you like to eat citrus with white pulp? 30-40 seconds in the microwave will save you from need to clean orange or grapefruit.

6. By means of the Microwave oven it is possible to resolve issue not only with pulp of citrus, but also with their dried peel. If it is necessary to dry up dried peel, it is necessary to lay out it on tissue and to warm up at ultimate power within two minutes.

7. In the microwave it is possible to kindle the become candied honey. For this purpose it is necessary to put on the timer 1-2 minutes.

8. It is extremely convenient to dry croutons, greens and vegetables in the microwave oven.

9. If you need to squeeze out juice, and fruit does not give in - warm up its couple of minutes, let's cool down, and you with ease will manage to squeeze out everything to last straw.

10. Surprisingly, but the microwave oven can help to eradicate smell even from cutting boards! They should be washed up with soap, to rub with lemon juice and to leave ""to be fried"" for 5-10 minutes in the microwave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team