11 cunnings of beauty which can be made by means of spoon

11 cunnings of beauty which can be made by means of spoon

are intended not only for soup. Whether you know that you can use them for neyl-art, acceleration of healing of heat-spot or underlining of ideal bend of eyebrows?


  1. Cool two spoons in the deep freeze and use them from disposal of bags under eyes. Take 2 tablespoons, put in the deep freeze for the night. Carry out by the convex party of spoon from internal corners of eyes towards external corners in the morning. It will allow to remove puffiness and to get rid of bags under eyes.
  2. Use spoon for creation of ideal arrow. Take spoon and draw flat line over external corner of eye. Then turn spoon and circle round part of spoon. Finish image eyeliner.
  3. You hold spoon when you make up the lower eyelashes to avoid ink traces under eyes. The spoon will help to avoid traces from ink both under the lower eyelashes, and over upper, it is worth turning it only.
  4. It is possible to raise eyelashes edge of spoon. If you have near at hand no nippers for eyelashes, it is possible to use metal spoon. Place it the convex party inside behind upper eyelashes. Finger slightly press, several times run finger along edge of spoon over eyelashes.
  5. The spoon will help to emphasize ideal bend of eyebrows. The tablespoon has the ideal form for eyebrows. Place it over eyebrow, circle upper contour with pencil, repeat the same with the lower contour.
  6. The spoon will be useful when mixing pigments with lip balm. Take your favourite eye shadow, mix with small amount of balm for lips or vaseline in spoon. Use brush or finger for putting the received mix of certain color on lips.
  7. It is simpler to emphasize cheekbones by means of spoon. If you have not obviously expressed cheekbones, arrange spoon over convex part of cheek. By means of brush apply powder to skin.
  8. Use spoon as palette for neyl-art. Mix in spoon several drops of varnish of different colors for creation of marble effect (for example, by means of invisible hairpin). Inclining spoon lower nail in varnish, Q-tip remove superfluous.
  9. It is possible to prevent accidental coloring by varnish of finger-tips by means of spoon. Take plastic spoon, place under nail. Hold spoon while you paint nails. Excess part of varnish will remain on spoon.
  10. The cold spoon will reduce the size of bruise or hickey on neck. Put spoon in the deep freeze. As soon as it is cooled, apply it the convex party on bruise or hickey to slow down process of rush of blood and to help it to disappear quicker.
  11. Place spoon the convex party on heat-spot that quicker to get rid of it. To help heat-spot to heal quicker, lower spoon in cup from hot (but not with boiled water) water. As soon as the spoon heats up, apply it the back to heat-spot. You hold so so far the spoon will not cool down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team