4 rules of the happy bedroom

4 rules of the happy bedroom

Today I suggest you to talk about how to equip nest of "night cuckoo". The bedroom ― this place in which we not only have a rest and we gain strength but also we endure the most disturbing moments of family life.

Council No. 1. Avoid the shouting coloring

Thinking over design the bedroom, try to choose the quiet muffled coloring. First of all this room is intended for rest. Too bright colors will begin to irritate you sooner or later, and you will not be able normally to relax.

Refuse the wavy lines symbolizing water elements. And also remove from the bedroom of the image of water, aquariums and fountainlets. The fact is that the water elements can extinguish fire of your passion. We do not need it at all, the truth?

Council No. 2. Observe harmony of space

I want to note especially that energy in the bedroom has to circulate freely. Therefore avoid sharp angles. They destroy zen balance and do the atmosphere of the room disturbing, restless.

Pay attention to bed headboard – kind of you did not want to hang up convenient shelf here, it is better to refuse this idea. This space has to be free.

The ceiling of the bedroom costs separate mention. You will see it, filling up. Therefore you should not be fond of the difficult and volume patterns creating labyrinths. Contemplation of such patterns can be alarming and even claustrophobia attack.

Council No. 3. Avoid non-standard rooms

I perfectly understand those who want to make the bedroom in penthouse. It seems that her privacy and the special atmosphere of serenity promotes healthy rest. But it not absolutely so. The broken lines of ceiling,  the sharp angles crossing bed space ― all this breaks energy circulation. And it means that you will not be able to restore energy potential in such bedroom.

Council No. 4. Better it is less and better

Finally I want to give to you one more simple advice. Try not to overload the bedroom. Follow the simple rule: everything what you can do without, is better remove. It concerns both furniture, and decorative elements.

Create warm, house situation. Leave ultramodern design and sharp contrasts for registration of the living room, and rest and privacy have to reign in the bedroom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team