5 facts about phytolamps or how to choose phytolamp for illumination of plants

5 facts about phytolamps or how to choose phytolamp for illumination of plants

When hands itch to put, and outside the window snow, frost and is chronically cloudy, the phytolamp will save. It will replace the sun which there will be no minimum to the middle of March, stimulates blossoming, will make coloring of leaves more intensively, will not allow seedling to be extended. Phytolamps are almost all-powerful if it is correct to choose them.

The phytolamp for illumination is necessary if you want to eat fresh tomatoes from windowsill in January, to enjoy the orchids blossoming all the year round or to grow up early cucumbers for the greenhouse. In other cases phytolamp no more than useful the tool for improvement of condition of house green favourites. The majority of houseplants without phytolamp normally winter or go to dormant period so if you are not going to expand collection of ekzotama or the phytolamp is not obligatory to grow up flowers for sale —.

If at Marya Ivanovna onions grow under lamp with white luminescence, do not hurry to laugh at it. For dosvetka of seedling, succulents and houseplants luminescent and LED (LED) phytolamps with different color of luminescence, miscellaneous spekty and power are issued. At classical luminescent lamps the range is displaced in ultraviolet therefore they are ideal for seedling. Color of luminescence can be pink and white. LED is not worse and it is not better. They are issued with white and pink luminescence too, happen different range and power. There are still lamps sodium and induction, but they it is more for industrial crop production: expensive, powerful, unpleasant for eyes.

Producers aggressively advance on the market opinion that the correct phytolamps for illumination are lamps with range 440 and 660 nanometers. Not a bit. Repeatedly researches and experiments of enthusiasts podvterzhdat that 420 and 630 nanometers are quite enough. More important another. For window plants, seedling, the prorashchivaniye of seeds and rehabilitation of patients of plant are enough range bicolor — red and blue lamps. The multirange includes several additional ranges and is obligatory if you want not just to support plants, but also to receive from winter harvest: juicy strawberry in December, rosemary in March, ukropchik in January or watermelon in February. Full Spektrum is universal. Will be suitable for seedling, the whimsical orchids difficult in cultivation of succulents and plants predators. It is the most expensive option, by the way. 

Even if you will take the phytolamp with full range, but he will be 8 W, do not wait for special result. For the standard windowsill forced by seedling or room plants, the phytolamp is necessary at least 18, and it is better 25-30vt. At such power it can be suspended on 25-30 cm from tops of plants and to capture model 60-80 cm all windowsill. If the budget is not calculated on lamp of such power, it is possible to get out — to take model of 8-10 W and to suspend it on 10-20 cm from plants. But! In this case one model of 60-80 cm will not be enough for all windowsill.

Phytolamps with Aliexpress are tape measure. It is possible to receive quite good option for little money, and it is possible also absolutely useless thing. The problem is that for the sake of cheapening of product the Chinese handymen save on the lamp body — it peregrevayetsya because of what electroelements quickly fail. Save on LEDs which also do not maintain the set loading. To try as it with lamp, phytolamps with Aliexpress quite approach, but for full-fledged subwindow crop production or cultivation of seedling for the big country greenhouse — no.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team