5 ingenious things for your kitchen

5 ingenious things for your kitchen

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If you want to create the effective system of the organization and storage within the kitchen, then it is necessary to begin with the basic system elements which it is possible to make with own hands or to order on the Internet. The main thing that will be required to you - it is design approach to registration of kitchen space and desire to make the life more comfortable and productive.

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1. Create interesting blinds for your kitchen from newspaper tubules. For this purpose it is necessary to reel up newsprint on needle, and then to fasten with glue or adhesive tape. When you make necessary quantity of tubules, they need to be fastened with threads, having carefully fixed edges. It is also possible to paint your new blinds favourite color or to leave them unchanged.

2. Make hot pads of branches of trees. Cut branch of the necessary size, put them in suitable form, and then fasten with Moment glue. Further it is possible to paint support in the color suitable on interior. When glue completely dries up, the product can be used.

3. If in your kitchen there is not a lot of place for various crockery utensils, then it is necessary to get suspended organizer. It will allow to save considerably space on table-top and to create interesting design style.

4. Make with own hands or buy special jars for spices and grain. It is possible to take simple glass jars and to paste on them inscriptions with names of what is stored in them. But if you do not wish to show the creative abilities, just get these elements of storage in the local crockery center.

5. As much as possible use kitchen space. If in it there is not enough place for all your products and ware, then it is possible to buy racks of various forms and the size which will conveniently fit into your interior. These elements of the organization will help you beautifully and to interestingly place all the supplies and also to diversify design of kitchen zone.

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