5 unusual houseplants

5 unusual houseplants

Houseplants create cosiness in our house. We have got used to violets, ficuses, orchids, but there are also unusual houseplants.

1.  Adenium

Adenium – family bush dogbane family, is widespread in Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and in many other countries. Represents small tree with the trunk thickened at the basis (kaudex). Leaves of green color have the roundish or extended form. The stalk of tree is covered in flowers with a diameter of 5 - 7 cm. The plant begins to blossom, having reached age of 2 years. It is called still "desert rose".

Care in house conditions

The plant loves heat and light and therefore it needs to be placed on windowsills and windows from South side. Soil for adenium has to be ventilated. If often to water plants, then leaves will begin to turn yellow and be showered, and roots will begin to decay. In order to avoid rotting kaudex from above it is possible to surround with stones and coarse sand.

Adenium very easily transfers drought and it is daily possible to water only in very hot days.

2.  Trakhiandra

Trakhiandra – long-term sekkulent, families asfodelovy. This plant is widespread in South Africa. The popularity of room ornamental plant of trakhiandr has received because of the unusual leaves twirled in spiral. Among flower growers this plant often carries the name "space plant" or "plant with horns".

Care in house conditions

Trakhiandra loves good lighting, but it is important that direct beams of the sun did not get on her. It is better to put plant on windowsill from East or West side. From heat the leaves of trakhiandra cease to curl.

It is necessary to water once a week, I use "the lower watering" when water is poured not into pot, and into support under it.

3.  Brigamiya

Brigamiya – family succulent bell-flower family, grows on coastal rocks of the Hawaiian Islands. The stalk at this plant bottle-shaped, fleshy, accumulates large amount of moisture. In upper part of stalks there are brilliant green leaves collected in sockets. At young plant trunk green and smooth, later on it hems are formed, and the color becomes gray. In the habitat the brigamiya reaches height of 2 m. The plant begins to blossom from two-year age of times in 2 years. Flowers in the form of hand bells are painted in white or yellow color with pleasant vanilla aroma.

Care in house conditions

Brigamiya is afraid of drafts and sharp temperature drop and also dry air. Therefore it is necessary to expose plant in well lit place, avoiding direct hit of sunshine. It is necessary to water the Hawaiian palm tree with warm water once a week, in hot days – once in five days.

During blossoming the brigamiya cannot be moved, to istochni of light has to be always on the one hand.

4.  Groundsel

Groundsel – annual or long-term bush or semi-bush of family thistle family, with long creeping stalks. The plant happens different view with different exterior.

Care in house conditions

The groundsel demands the place with good lighting and loves direct beams of the sun. Watering of flower in summertime has to be moderate, time in 1-2 days after drying of top soil. In winter time it is necessary to water very seldom. At zastaly water the plant begins to decay.

It is necessary to be careful at change, or trimmings stebely groundsel as its juice contains poison.


5.  Venus flycatcher

Venus flycatcher or Dioney – popular houseplant, plant predator. The flower is perennial insectivorous plant of family sundew family. In height reaches no more than 15 cm of Proizrostayet on swamps of Georgia, New Jersey, Northern and South Carolina. Venus flycatcher are under the threat of disappearance.

Care in house conditions

Care for flycatcher in house conditions – business difficult. For its normal growth it will be necessary to create the conditions approximate to conditions of its natural growth. The predator feels on the western and east windowsills better, loves fresh air. In summertime the pot with flower can be taken out on balcony or in garden where she will be able to regale. It is better to cover the surface of the soil with moss.

It is necessary to water plant with rain water or the clear filtered water, it is better not to use water from under the crane. In hot time it is necessary to spray flower from spray.

The most interesting in this plant that he will need to be fed up. If you in the apartment have no flies and spiders, then it is necessary to catch them independently and to indulge flycatcher. Also she loves ants, bugs and bees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team