6 mistakes which roses do not forgive

6 mistakes which roses do not forgive

Among violent variety of the fine blossoming plants the rose holds specific place. The few plants in set of forms and richness of coloring, on abundance and duration of blossoming can compete to roses. Not for nothing these flowers esteemed in ancient times. It is not so difficult to part them at itself in garden, it is only necessary to know 6 mistakes which this proud beauty does not forgive to flower growers.


1. The most optimum time for landing of roses is fall. It is desirable to manage to make it to the middle of October. Roses can be kornesobstvenny and imparted which for increase in winter hardiness and endurance impart on dogrose. It is easy to find the place of inoculation on bush stalk. They much more durable, but it is necessary to watch such bushes constantly since the dogrose gives own young growth. If in due time not to delete it, then the rosebush will easily turn into dogrose bush. Kornesobstvenny roses of such problem have no, but they also are more whimsical. Still pay attention to leaves of on the sale saplings. They have to be green and without damages. If there are no leaflets, then it is better not to buy such bush.

2. Very often roses badly blossom because of the wrong landing. It is very important to the imparted roses to choose the suitable place of landing, otherwise it is possible not to wait for flowers. The place of inoculation has to be buried to the soil at 3-5 cm, it depends on soil type on your site. On sandy types of the soil the landing is possible a little more deeply, and on clay – more small. Kornesobstvenny roses develop at slightly buried landing also best of all. It stimulates growth of new roots.

3. For more long blossoming the deflowered buds need to be cut off in due time, and together with third of escape. For bigger kushcheniye it is necessary to do regular cutting of bush, paying attention to that the cut has been made on external kidney. I.e. the leaf over which escape is cut off has to "look" outside, otherwise the bush will be thickened and because of bad produvayemost will begin to hurt often.

4. Rose - flower royal, power supply is necessary for it corresponding. It is necessary to feed up several times during the season. The first time it is done at the beginning of June, before blossoming. At this time they need nitrogen-containing fertilizer, it is possible to use mullein infusion. In 7-10 days feed up mineral fertilizer. That flowers were beautiful, roses feed up before buds, and then at once after withering are dismissed. Pay attention that in the second half of summer nitrogen for fertilizing cannot be used since the bush will not manage to get ready for winter and, most likely, will die.

5. These flowers to watering are very exacting. It is better if it is abundant, but rare. After watering it is necessary to loosen the earth under bushes since the crust which is formed under the pressure of water interferes with penetration of oxygen to roots. Good results are yielded by mulching – it helps to keep longer the earth of damp and saves from the active growth of weeds. For this purpose it is possible to use wood bark, dry grass without seeds or the rerotting manure.

6. The imparted roses often suffer from such phenomenon as blind escapes. They have five leaflets and they are more powerful than other escapes, they grow usually below the place of inoculation. They do not give buds and strongly weaken plant. In case of such branches, the bush is a little dug out and cut off blind escape, without leaving stump. The place of cut is greased with the thief, the medicine "RanNet" or brilliant green.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team