6 ways of reuse of bubbly packing

6 ways of reuse of bubbly packing

Bubbles on frothed packing not only children, but also adults like to burst. After useful entertainment already unnecessary film is thrown out. It appears, it can bring considerable benefit in household.

Originally Alfred Fielding and Mark Shavanes have created new material – frothed film – by request of factory on production of wall-paper. Works were carried out in the late fifties. Presumably air wall-paper had to be used in chambers of psychiatric hospitals.

The unusual entertainment – the squeezing of bubbles on polyethylene accompanied with sharp cotton – carries away people of different age and social status. For the most obsessed there are charms with same, as on film air buttons for infinite breakage.

Tactile feelings and sound effect favorably influences nervous system. Pointed pressings by fingertips develop fine motor skills at children.

The air and bubble film is unique not only as packing and entertainment. It is successfully used also in other purposes according to "instruction" below.

That there was no condensate on toilet bowl tank

The bed of internal part of tank does not give it to walls to be cooled with bubbly film. It excludes emergence of the unpleasant drops arising at contact of cold tank with warm air of the room. Drain water and wipe tank from within dry. Paste film silicone sealant.

For additional thermal insulation of windows

Cut off necessary piece of packing bubbly film and attach insulating tape to window inside. Cover with curtains or blinds. Cold air will not get into the room any more, and warm will remain in the room.

For warming before going to bed

To cease to freeze during sleep, lay big leaf of frothed film between blanket cover and blanket.

At spending the night outdoors enclose packing film under sleeping bag. Or fold double bubbles outside wide piece of air packing, fasten edges with insulating tape. The warm and soft mattress is ready!

To keep products cold

Bottles with water will remain cool in hot summer day if to envelop them frothed film. It is also possible to arrive with the frozen products in packing.

If to lay box for vegetables and fruit in the fridge bubbly film, fruits will not be rumpled. It will become simpler to maintain purity – over time replace it with new.

For protection of tools

Expensive high-quality tools will serve longer if at storage to wrap them in frothed film.

Being engaged in repair of fragile products, spread out on table packing by bubbles down, record adhesive tape.

That flowers have not frozen

Frothed packing will cope with protection of pottery plants from frosts in the open air. Envelop film pot, fix by rope. It is important that the film was above edge of container on 5 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team