8 useful tips on development of individual style of interior

When it comes to planning and development of interior of the house, the mass of the ideas, thanks to already ready options which weight on the Internet occurs. But that in the house it was really comfortable to live, it is necessary to be based, first of all, on the internal feelings.

These 8 advice will help you to create the ideal interior combining your identity and style:

1. Examine the house

What things it is the most difficult to you to leave? Perhaps, such things will also become basis for future interior. Many things for years lie somewhere on mezzanines, but they can be turned into decor!

 2. The best memoirs  

Think of the place with which your best memoirs are connected. Where did you feel especially comfortably? Perhaps, it is worth recreating something similar in own house.  

3. Do not forget about hobby

What is connected with your hobby, will best of all emphasize your identity! It can be library, the stand with photos or awards – anything.

4. House of dream

What especially attracts you in interior of houses? Perhaps, huge windows, cozy fireplace or smart bedroom? All this is quite achievable! Allocate highlights and pick up option for your budget.

5. Analysis of suitable interiors

Collect what to you has attracted and analyze these interiors. Pay attention to the repeating parts and try to create own concept on their basis.

6. Variety – it is good

If you had liked several different styles, do not worry. The combination of styles is not only memorable, but also really comfortable interiors.

7. Inspiration sources

Thanks to what do you feel comfortable and is weakened? Perhaps, you like the twilight? Then decorate the house with dense curtains! Turn that the pleasure, in particular house design brings to you.

8. Look narrowly at clothes

The clothes most of all speak about your identity. If you adore diversity in clothes why to you monophonic interior? Be honest with themselves and be not afraid to dream! Only then you will find what really emphasizes your identity and brings you happiness! In such interior you will be able to feel at home – namely it to you and it is necessary!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team