Accent wall: instant transformation of interior

Accent wall: instant transformation of interior

To understand that the accent wall represents, it is possible by the name. It is the wall which is instantly drawing attention to those that it is allocated in the general design of the room. What it is necessary for and how it to issue?

What are accent stenyfragmentny finishing. The simplest example of accent wall can be considered the carpet characteristic of the Soviet design. Placed behind bed or sofa, it not only warmed wall, but also created motley spot. Of course, it remained in the past, now for registration of accent wall modern finishing materials are used. Fragmentary finishing allows even to create in the small room something bright and unusual. It can be photowall-paper, mosaic, use of decorative brick. The size of decorative fragment depends on the size of the room and on its style.

Full filling. In this case all wall, and not just its part is involved. It can be painted or pasted over with wall-paper of contrast colors that will visually change the room sizes. The bright wall not only will draw attention, but also will expand or will narrow room proportions. If to use warm colors, then the accent wall can be brought closer visually. And cold shades, on the contrary, will distance it. By means of horizontal strips of contrast color it is possible "to stretch" wall in width, and vertical strips are capable to raise low ceilings.

The ideas for creation accent stenys can be marked out with the help of accent wall zone in which the TV is located and also recreation area – at headboard of bed or behind sofa. This good decision for functional zoning, for example, when it is necessary to allocate the dining room or kitchen apron in kitchen, mini-office in the living room or game zone within the children's room. The accent wall perfectly is suitable for those who wish suit peculiar art gallery, to place on its background photos, souvenirs, awards – everything that requires attention. Even within the bathroom or toilet it is possible to use accent wall visually to broaden the small room. Finishing of accent walls: color, texture, materials, uzorydekor of accent wall can be miscellaneous. It can be the bright spot diluting monophonic finishing, or the monochrome wall contrasting with bright finishing remained three. As finishing materials it is possible to use practically everything – from classical wall-paper to decorative plaster or imitation of brickwork. If to choose color emphasis, then it is necessary to do it by rules. If the interior is issued in bright and dynamic style, the accent wall has to have the color opposite to the main shades of finishing. Simple example: gentle green color demands contrast accent wall of saturated pink color or burgundy-red. Harmonious the design will in case add the accessories coinciding on color with contrast wall. If interior quiet, the accent wall has to be approximate on color to the main tones of the room. Golden-beige it is possible to combine with color of chocolate or gentle green grass. It also will recover situation, and will not tire with excessively bright combination of paints. If the interior is executed about use of neutral colors, then for accent wall it is possible to select any color according to the taste. Contrast to monophonic registration is use of patterns and ornaments. The most popular options – flower, vegetable, geometrical. They not only will recover the room, but also will create certain mood. Sometimes it is even possible not to change color of wall, and to apply on it the drawing – the room will instantly change. Also use of cellular pattern which is considered brutal and is used in masculine interiors is popular. The cage can be used in the bedroom or in table zone. This option is not always suitable for the living room as this part of the apartment demands brighter ornaments. The accent wall can be created also by means of drawings. It is possible to recreate them by means of photowall-paper, frescos, wall paintings, tension walls with photo printing. The drawing can be in color, but it is possible to use also black-and-white gamma which harmoniously fits practically into any design. It is necessary to mention also emphasis of attention by means of the invoice. The difference of invoices can be created artificial stone, decorative brick, bamboo, rattan, mosaic. Depending on the chosen material it is possible to recreate any style of interior – from Scandinavian to pop art. If repair is not in the plans, the accent wall can be created by means of "improvised" means. For this purpose perfectly pictures, photos, stickers, aquariums, decorative plates and many other things will approach. The main thing is to approach process with imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team