According to what criteria it is necessary to select bed with drawers

According to what criteria it is necessary to select bed with drawers

For economy of space in small rooms many prefer to get beds with the built-in boxes. They considerably simplify storage of bed linen, pillows and blankets. At the same time the bedroom looks more spacious, and the hostess does not need to spend a lot of time for cleaning of bed in the mornings.

Characteristics of similar beds

It is necessary to understand that the design of such subject of interior includes binding, internal framework, boxes and accessories. As for the first component, usually it is made of laminated chipboard, at the same time the surface can be any shade. The framework, in turn, is design basis as has to sustain not only the weight of human body, but also the attached boxes.

It is necessary to show consideration for the choice of handles as they are capable to decorate and improve exterior of bed considerably. For example, normal aluminum will be suitable for the room, executed in minimalist style, and graceful wooden – for luxurious apartments.

When choosing bed it is recommended to consider number of boxes and their arrangement. Usually single options are equipped one or two, and wider models can have 3-4 boxes. At different firms it is possible to meet various placement of boxes. Some have them at the left, others – on the right. Owners of small-sized apartments should pay attention to high beds at which boxes are located from below and from above.

As planning of the bedroom influences the choice of model of bed

Before going to shop, it is worth deciding on the bed sizes. It is important that there was enough space for full rolling-out of boxes. It is not necessary to measure dimensions by eye. In most cases on the price tag bed parameters are specified. Having compared them with own measurements, it is possible to make right choice. If necessary it is necessary to address to the companies which make furniture on special designs. All preferences of the customer and specific features of the specific room will be considered in that case. At quite tiny bedroom it is worth looking after model with small drawers. Now furniture stores offer designs with lifting gear. It means that the box for linen is not sliding. It is located directly under berth, and all necessary develops there after its raising. All fastenings have to be reliably fixed and made of quality materials. Boxes it is not necessary to clap and open strongly breakthrough. It can provoke their vyskakivaniye from grooves and quite fast wear. It is the best of all to get mattress for bed in specialized firms which purposefully are engaged in their production.

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