Acid primer: properties and use of structure

Acid primer: properties and use of structure

Acid primer is unique means for protection of structure and the surface of metal against corrosion, improvement of its adhesive properties and qualities. The efficiency from use of such structure is caused by properties of the components forming it.

Acid primer is most often used when painting the car, more precisely – before its painting. Metal working by such structure is primary, and allows to avoid welding in some cases. It is necessary to use acid primer strictly according to the instruction for its application, with observance of safety rules. It is important to understand that the quality of painting and term which it will serve depends on quality of performance of work of this stage of restoration of body of the car or any other surface from metal.

What is acid primer

Acid primer is mix of zinc and phosphoric acid. Such structure needs to be applied only on metal as at contact with other types of primers it can lose the properties and will be just useless.

It is possible to buy acid primer in autoshops. It can be provided as the acid, reactive, pickling or phosphating soil, vosh-primer and to be on sale either in the form of aerosol, or in the form of special napkins or the set including both.

Often beginners confuse acid soil with epoxy, but it, it is less to measure, it is incorrect as structures have different purpose and perform different functions. Primer on the basis of phosphorus process pure metal, and only then apply on its surface acrylic, and then - epoxy resins.

Acid primer – toxic and highly combustible material. It is necessary to work with it in ventiliruyumy rooms or in the open air, with observance of fire safety regulations, in special protective uniform. Non-compliance with these rules can lead not only to the fire or chemical burn, but also poisoning if couples of structure get into airways.

Properties of acid primer

The layer of acid soil on the surface of metal put in compliance with application instructions has high wear resistance, reliably protects the metal surface and structure of material from external influence, is most resistant to moisture and salt solutions which process road surfacings. Besides, it should be noted the following properties and advantages of acid primer:

  • the thermal stability – even under the influence of high temperatures layer of primer does not change the qualities,
  • resistance to destructive aggressive influence of gasoline or diesel fuel, lubricating oil,
  • the fastest drying – layer of earth with acid structure completely dries out in 5 minutes.

It is possible to cover with acid soil surfaces from the corrosion-proof, chromeplated or galvanized steel and normal metal, aluminum. The processed surface does not need after-polishing.  

How to choose acid primer – the exact answer to this question only the professional can give. If there is no experience in use of such structures, then it is better to address for consultation servicemen of bodies of cars or the seller of autoshop. It is impossible to buy similar materials at random at all.

Where it is possible to apply acid primer

The range of application of any kind of acid primer is strictly determined by the producer and described in the instruction to means. If it is specified that the structure is intended for processing of body of the car, then it is necessary to apply it only to the recommended purposes.

Sometimes similar types of soil can be met on counters of hardware stores. There structures which it is possible to ground, for example, iron fences, gate, hangars are on sale. The principle of their use, practically, does not differ from the principle of use of automobile primers, as well as structure.

Gardeners and gardeners sometimes use acid primers for restoration of frameworks of greenhouses, racks for the watering systems created from metal. But such application demands additional treatment of design to exclude hit of substances from composition of primer in structure of the soil.

It is necessary to process frameworks on the special platforms concreted or covered with dense polyethylene. After performance of work the concrete site is carefully washed away, at the same time draining of the used water to places where it will not do harm to the atmosphere is provided, and the polyethylene laying is utilized.

How to use acid primer

Putting any primer including acid, demands strict observance of technology of performance of work. Irrespective of for what purposes the similar structure is used, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  • soil mixes up and is carefully shaken up,
  • causing structure is possible only in the temperature range of air from 10 to 32C
  • the surface before processing by acid soil is smoothed out and degreased,
  • works are performed in gloves from rubber that on metal there were no potozhirovy traces from hands,
  • thickness of the first layer of earth has to be not less than 8 microns that the qualitative adhesion was provided,
  • the corresponding efficiency of structure is possible only when drawing it on "pure" metal, without traces of old paint or putty,
  • before putting the following layer, it is necessary to wait for full drying previous - not less than 15 minutes,
  • it is not necessary to grind the surface of acid primer on metal before drawing acrylic.

Directly with acid structure it is impossible to put coat of paint on soil. Lose the properties and efficiency both paint, and soil can.

When choosing acid primer you should not make a start from its price. To save in this case it is simply inadmissible, but also it is not necessary to overpay. The most important is to study attentively the description of structure and recommendations about its application from the producer, to listen to opinion of professionals or consultants of shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team