Adapter: as it to make with own hands

Adapter: as it to make with own hands

If the electronic instrument has the improper connector, the adapter – the device which has two connectors suitable to the connected units comes to the rescue. Adapters are on sale in shops, but it is possible to make it and most.


1. Before doing the adapter, make sure that the connected devices are compatible among themselves and except connectors differ in nothing. Otherwise you risk to connect the devices which are not suitable to each other that will lead to their breakage.

2. If there was need to connectof microphone or earphones having the 3.5-millimeter connector to the 6.3-millimeter slot, or on the contrary to manufacture the adapter, take the plug which diameter coincides with diameter of the slot on the connected device and the slot having the same diameter, as the plug on the microphone. Accurately connect together the contacts of the same name. If the number of contacts on the plug or on the slot is equal to two, the adapter can be made only for the microphone, and for earphones it will not turn out any more. The two-contact plug cannot be connected to the slot for earphones in order to avoid short circuit.

3. If there was need to connect the TV having the SCART connector to the DVD player or the videorecorder equipped with the Tulip connector take the most normal cord equipped with forks - "tulips", the SCART connector fork and four slots from tulip. Connect the body of connectors of "tulip" which is responsible for entrance and release of the image, to pin 17 SCART, the central contact of exit – to pin number 19, entrance – 20. Then connect the necessary plugs of cable to necessary slots of the adapter.

4. Any adapters should be manufactured as follows: study the plug and the slot on the connected devices, find reciprocal parts to both connectors, learn whether it is necessary to connect any contacts. Execute the corresponding connections on reciprocal parts.

5. Do not allow emergence of short circuits. Place the adapter in the body from the isolating material, as a last resort, roll up it the isolating tape or film.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team