Advantages of houses from foam concrete blocks

Advantages of houses from foam concrete blocks

In the central part of Russia until recently owner-occupied dwellings built with use of two traditional and most widespread materials: brick and natural wood.

And until recently was considered that houses from natural wood look very esthetically, but are not same capital and reliable as brick buildings. And, really, owner-occupied dwellings from natural wood of certain breeds possess the big list of shortcomings, without looking also at the obvious advantages. At the same time brick houses have too certain minuses, one of which is the high cost of material and construction jobs.

Rather recently construction organizations began to offer also at home from more modern and advanced material which has received the name of foam concrete block which has instantly gained unprecedented popularity. Every day the popularity of foam concrete blocks, and all grows because thanks to it time and financial expenditure on construction jobs substantially decreases. In addition, foam concrete block has also a number of other positive sides, one of which are high heat-insulating properties.

What represents foam concrete block and with what it has advantages?

Foam concrete blocks are called such construction materials which are made industrially with use of foam concrete. These raw materials, in turn, are one of types of normal foam mortar, and make it only from eco-friendly materials, such as cement with foaming agent, sand fine and water.

Foam concrete blocks are the unique construction material having great warm and sound-proof properties, and in addition, it has high resistance to freezing and variable processes of defrosting and also the lowest coefficients of the shrinkage and water absorption increased by pozharostoykost.

Foam concrete is good also what it does not allocate at all in the atmosphere of those elements which could do to organism even the slightest harm.

One more important and useful quality of foam concrete is also that this type of construction material is shown by inertness on the relation to various environments which it is accepted to call chemically aggressive.

Foam concrete blocks are extremely convenient in application as they have geometrically accurate and large sizes and also small weight. All these above-mentioned qualities simplify substantially process of carrying out construction jobs.

Important good point is also that outer surface at foam concrete blocks absolutely smooth that also considerably facilitates process of construction jobs. Thanks to the same smooth surface of foam concrete blocks it is possible to refuse interior finish of walls completely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team