Advantages of houses from glued bar

Advantages of houses from glued bar

Recently all cottages are under construction of eco-friendly materials. Often it is reached due to wood use. The popularity of wood structures has as a result increased, in particular, many want to build the country house at the inexpensive price of glued bar. Let's consider advantages of such objects.

The cottages constructed of tree have considerable comfort, than brick designs. It becomes especially noticeable in cold season. The reason is in what the tree keeps warmly in the building. Low heat conductivity of wood promotes that even after the long period without warming up the room can be heated quickly.

Additional economy at construction of wooden houses is caused by the fact that you do not need to warm design neither in the course of construction of the building, nor during its operation. Wood for many years keeps the color and does not blacken. Knots which can lead to deformation and emergence of chips, to glued bar drop out of integral bar eventually such problems do not threaten.

If to speak about durability of the country houses constructed of glued bar they have 50% above in comparison with whole material. Of course, brick designs concede in durability, but this indicator is relevant only for seismically unstable areas.

The country house constructed of glued bar does not give considerable shrinkage. As a result, the design keeps the integrity for many years, avoiding deformations and forming of distortions.

Thanks to simplicity of mounting, you can save on construction of the house. So, for example, it is not obligatory to resort to professional builders. While construction jobs are performed quickly enough and in several weeks (or days) you will be able to receive already ready design.

Construction of wooden houses from glued bar has no restrictions on season and can be made at all seasons of the year, irrespective of weather patterns. These buildings allow to save on exterior finish. Excellent exterior of material allows not to do excess work.

If you have decided to construct country house independently, in this case many tools will not be required especially as they cost not much, and they can be got without special work. Apparently, the glued bar has many advantages and therefore enjoys wide popularity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team