Advantages of natural tile

Advantages of natural tile

If you plan construction of the house or giving, for certain you ask question: what type of roof to use? Many years the leading place among materials for roof is taken by natural tile. And it with an ulterior motive. It has the good durability and excellent utilization properties. And also the natural tile has some more advantages which distinguish it from competitors.

Long life cycle

If you have made choice for natural tile, then can forget about what I rat it is necessary to re-make years for 50 years. Producers usually call life cycle of such tile – 100 years. The tile consists of clay which has undergone roasting in the furnace and became very strong. Such type of roof is known since Antiquity and still more than a half of buildings cover with natural tile.


The natural tile is fragments which are convenient for mounting because of the small size and also it is very easy to replace if several fragments have deteriorated during operation. Also, its building from separate parts well influences natural ventilation as air quietly gets into subroofing space and there condensate is not formed. Yes, by the way, the natural tile can be sorted and transferred to other roof if desired. Here such reusability of use turns out!


The natural tile well transfers temperature drops and well feels at direct hit of sunshine. The frost, snow and rain to it are not terrible too. The tile practically does not absorb moisture, so remains strong and practically does not collapse over time. For this reason it can be used at construction of the house in any climate.

Sound insulation

The drumming rain on roof can and is romantic, but sometimes it prevents to fall asleep or causes irritation. And here one more advantage of natural tile – good sound insulation is shown.

Heat conductivity

The natural tile has unique property to support "internal microclimate" in the house. In the winter the tile keeps heat, and in the summer – keeps cool. Therefore, in the house with such roof it will be comfortable in any weather, and it is one more important plus. 

Fire resistance

The natural tile has already undergone roasting on naked flame at temperature about 1000 degrees, so has received one more interesting and useful property – fire resistance. To it naked flame is not terrible, and if suddenly on your roof not extinguished stub or the burning sheet of paper gets, then nothing terrible will occur. If to use other types of roof, then such situations can cause fast spread of fire and the fire.

Environmental friendliness

As a part of natural tile there are no harmful impurity, so it does not make any negative impact on the person and the environment. Safety is that advantage for which people most often also choose this material for roof. Besides, it looks very stylish and does not lose the look for years of operation.

Certainly, the natural tile is ideal for roof of houses and country dachas. The shortcoming, of course, too is - the expensive price. But long life cycle and its easy repair will help to keep your time and money further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team