All about apricots: how to grow up tree

All about apricots: how to grow up tree

Apricot fruits very tasty and useful therefore this tree should be had on the site. Of course, it will be necessary to make efforts that to grow up it, but it will be glad good harvest which can enjoy even in the winter.

Preparation of the place for landing

The place for landing of future apricot tree has to be moderately solar and well protected from cold winds. Underground waters at the same time have to lie at the level of 2 meters in depth. The sapling is recommended to be planted in the spring after snow descent, before swelling at apricot of kidneys. To plant stone plants in the fall risky as if the winter is not snow, they will freeze slightly.

Suitable soils

All soils with leaky addition will be suitable for apricot tree, but only in them there should not be excess of nitrogen and toxic salts. It is the best of all that the earth was with rather light mechanical structure. As the best soils for cultivation of apricot are considered loamy and sandy loam.


The apricot tree can be grown up from stone and sapling. In the first case the plant will be adapted for local conditions. However it is necessary to approach the choice of seeds stones of fruits responsibly. They can be got in the market, but only you should not give preference to import and Armenian grades as the size of fruits will be too large. It is recommended to plant seeds of stones at once to the damp soil on depth to 6 cm. Such measure will provide to nearly 100% viability.

If there is no wish to wait long, it is necessary to buy sapling of apricot and to put him on the site. It is the best of all to buy it in nursery, but not in the market. So, it will be possible to avoid hit to the soil of various wreckers and there will be confidence, that it is really apricot.

Preparation of hole

For apricot sapling the hole needs to be prepared in 3 weeks prior to the landing. In depth it has to be 40-50 cm, and in width - from 60 cm to 80 cm. The hole surely is filled with good fertile soil which mixes up with fertilizer. As a rule, about 2 buckets of manure, about 500 g of sulfate potassium and about 700 g of the granulated superphosphate are brought in one landing hole. When landing the root neck of sapling has to be 7 cm higher than earth surface.


In the early spring annual seedlings need to be cut off. Such procedure is carried out annually. From tree it is necessary to remove the weak, slightly frozen slightly ends of branches. Also too long powerful escapes are shortened. Also it is recommended to delete "on ring" the excess escapes creating strong thickening of krone of plant. After carrying out cutting, all cuts on tree need to be covered with the garden thief, but for these purposes it is allowed to use thick-ground paints: ochre, soot or minium. They need to be parted with natural drying oil previously.

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