All about cacti: requirements to the soil

All about cacti: requirements to the soil

In order that cacti well grew and developed in house conditions, they should provide not only care, but also the correct structure of the soil. At selection of suitable pochvosmesa it is necessary to consider not only its structure, but also structure.

It is required to you

  • - sheet earth;
  • - peat;
  • - sand;
  • - crushed stone.


1. The soil for cacti has to be friable and rough. That such structure has turned out, it is necessary to add the coarse sand, gravel loosening granules to soil. Coarse-grained mix which freely passes water and air and does not contain organic chemistry like bird's dung or manure has to turn out. Organic fertilizers contain a lot of nitrogen which cacti not only do not need, but also can suffer in case of surplus. Nitrogen is capable to lead to changes in the normal state of plant and even to his death.

2. Soil for cacti should not contain harmful impurity and parasites, pathogenic microorganisms. The permeability is necessary for the soil – cacti will not like the subsequent loosening and digging up. Best of all mix with the content of sheet humus, cespitose loamy soil, bank sand of large fraction with crushed stone additive will be suitable for good development of plants. It is desirable for part to take identical.

3. Cacti well feel in neutral or moderately sour earth. If for waterings hard tap water is used, in soil the content of alkali will increase. It is required to change the soil from time to time if there is no opportunity to replace water. Roots of plants are sensitive to alkali, at surplus it in the soil they stop development and can even die.

4. In soil there should not be excess of lime – it not only will harmfully influence growth of cactus, but also spoils to it appearance. In the bottom of stalk, lime can be deposited in the form of raid of yellowish-gray color, the raid is thicker, the it is worse to remove it – after it on thin skin there are ugly dark stains, at any insignificant defeat they begin to rot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team