All about cherry: as to make multiple copies it

All about cherry: as to make multiple copies it

Cherry – one of traditional stone cultures in the Russian garden. This plant differs in good winter hardiness, unpretentiousness and high productivity. Before gardeners quite often there is question of reproduction of the necessary grade of cherry. It is possible to do it by different methods.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - secateurs;
  • - heteroauxin.


1. It is better for amateur gardener to use the easiest ways of reproduction of cherry. The most available method – reproduction by young growth if it is allowed by characteristics of grade. For this procedure it is necessary to choose the most fruitful tree and the young growth growing on some removal from maternal trunk. It is necessary not to damage the root system of adult tree as cherry has it quite weak.

2. The best time for reproduction of cherry this way – early spring when plants have not gone to growth yet. The dug-out saplings need to be sorted on quality of root system: the most developed plants can be planted on the constant place in garden, the others should be landed on growing in nursery. Before landing it is necessary to examine attentively roots, to smooth out damages by knife and to cover wounds with the garden thief.

3. One more popular way – reproduction by shanks. For this purpose it is possible to use pieces of root system of plant with the sleeping kidneys. It is necessary to open carefully soil around tree in the early spring and to separate several roots. Then these roots are cut by secateurs on pieces of 15-20 cm and land on ridges cross ranks. It is necessary to watch closely that the point of growth has been directed up. The distance between shanks has to make 20х20 cm. Within one season the plants suitable for landing to the constant place will grow from shanks.

4. Reproduction by green shanks is used when it is necessary to multiply quickly the cherry grade which is not giving young growth. It is necessary to do it during intensive growth of plant – in July. For rooting improvement the shanks should be processed the medicine "Geteroauksin" (50 ml of medicine on 1 l. waters.) Escapes need to be prepared in the morning. For this purpose select well developed, green escapes from the South or southwest side of plant. Cherry has to be not too old, optimum age for reproduction of 3-5 years. In this case escapes take roots better.

5. To cut off upper part of branch secateurs, and from the remained escape sharp to knife shanks 10-12 cm long, on everyone there have to be 5-7 leaves. The top cut becomes at right angle over kidney, and lower – slanting, under kidney. The lower leaves which will prevent landing are removed. The shank lands in ridge vertically, with deepening to the soil on 2-3 cm. Soil around shank spills water and is condensed. The distance between shanks has to be 10kh10sm.

6. For creation of the necessary microclimate the shanks should be covered with polyethylene film. For this purpose it is possible to put arches or to use the cut-off plastic bottles which cover all shanks separately. The bed has to be in such situation 7-10 days, the soil should be contained in the humidified state. Later has begun korneobrazovaniye film to raise periodically, gradually accustoming young plants to ambient temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team