All about eggplants: how to grow up

All about eggplants: how to grow up

Eggplant – the popular seasonal vegetable which is often present at the Russian table. It is possible to grow up it on the personal plot. It is impossible to call plant whimsical, but it will demand certain conditions of keeping.


Fertile soil is necessary for eggplants. For this reason during redigging add organic and mineral fertilizers to it. If it was not succeeded to find fertile soil, then in it mineral fertilizers and humus are introduced. It is recommended to grow up eggplants in the easy soil. It is connected with the fact that in heavy versions small bushes are formed, and it does not do well to vegetable. The optimum acidity of the soil is equal to 6.5-7.2. Also eggplants often suffer from lack of such element as magnesium therefore it needs to be added to fertilizers.

Cultivation of seedling

The eggplant extremely badly transfers change as during this process its root system strongly suffers. For this reason to grow up seedling recommend in peat pots at once. However not all have such opportunity therefore it will be necessary to make accurately sword-play not to damage root system. In peat pots the seeds ascend in 15 days. About 45 days are allocated for cultivation of seedling without sword-play. Optimum temperature for germination of seeds is +26os. At emergence of young sprouts it is lowered to +16os. Such measure will allow roots to develop stronger. In 6 days the temperature condition needs to be raised to +25os again and to adhere to it before planting of seedling in soil.

Disembarkation to the open ground

Before planting of seedling to the open ground the site needs to be marked and made landing grooves. Between ranks the distance has to make about 50 cm, and between plants - 30 cm. Ready holes follows at first it is abundant to water, and then at once to plant seedling, having covered grooves dry with earth. This method will provide good survival and rooting of seedling. Every 2 day plant follows it is abundant to water.


During growth of plant about 5 fertilizing is recommended to carry out. The first needs to be carried out in 2-3 weeks after disembarkation. Before there are fruits, fertilizing needs to be done by complex mineral fertilizers. They can be got in shop for gardeners. During fructification it is recommended to use nitrogen-phosphatic fertilizers. They are made of 10 g of superphosphate and 10 g of ammonium nitrate which need to be parted in 10 liters of water. Organic fertilizers need to be applied moderately as at the expense of them stalks, but not fruits grow. Mineral and organic fertilizing is recommended to be alternated.

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