All about hydrangea: as to make multiple copies it

All about hydrangea: as to make multiple copies it

Make multiple copies hydrangea shanks. That rooting has taken place successfully, it is necessary to know important rules. The plant can take root in water or the earth. Strangely enough, the fridge helps to take roots to shanks in the early spring.

It is required to you

  • - maternal bush of hydrangea;
  • - secateurs;
  • - sharp knife;
  • - water;
  • - easy soil;
  • - plastic bottles;
  • - stimulator of korneobrazovaniye of Kornevin;
  • - fridge.


1. In the middle of July cut off 2-3 branches 12-15 cm long from the pleasant bush. It have to be not the lignified branches of green color – escapes of this year.

2. Put shanks in bank with water, let it will cover them on 5 cm. Each 3 days replace water new and attentively examine branches. Carefully wash out the lower part of shanks to avoid their rotting.

3. When on the ends of branches white dots appear, so backs have begun to grow. Continue carefully, but already time in 2 days to wash out branches, changing water for new. When roots grow up to two centimeters, land shanks in soil.

4. Dig pole 40 wide and 50 cm in depth. Put in it 1 part of peat and the sheet earth and 3 – humus. Add tablespoon of full mineral fertilizer. Stir the soil, spill water.

5. Put shank, having covered its roots and the lower part of stalk with the earth. Surely attract plant. When it takes root, remove the shelter. Look after shank that it has well taken roots and has transferred winter. For this purpose at the end of August feed up it the infusion made of 500 ml of manure, 7 liters of water, 1 tablespoon of superphosphate and the same amount of sulfate potassium.

6. At the end of October powder shanks with peat half. In the middle of April to its otgrebita, having left 3-4 cm as mulch.

7. It is possible to implant hydrangea not only in water, but also at once in the earth. For this purpose prepare planting stock as in the previous case – cut green branches in the middle of July. On the end of everyone sharp knife make cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

8. Prepare the place in half-shade that the sapling has better and quicker taken roots. Dig hole of 20 cm in depth, fill it with the easy nutritious soil. Do not put in it at all lime as the hydrangea loves sour soils. Spill pole water, fill half of the Kornevina teaspoon in core. Lower the lower part of shank in water, and then in Kornevin. Put it in hole obliquely.

9. Cut off neck of plastic bottle, put on it shank. Under this transparent container the humidity will remain that promotes the fastest rooting. When the top of branch starts in growth, so the hydrangea has taken root.

10. If you have not managed to multiply plant in the summer, then implant house hydrangea. Cut shanks with four leaflets at the end of October beginning of November. Move away them till February on storage in the fridge. At the end of this month get planting stock, place it in bank with water. Also periodically wash out the lower part of plants and change water for fresh.

11. When appear and will grow backs, put shanks in separate pots. Water when the earth dries up. Plant hydrangea in garden at the beginning of May.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team