All about retro style

All about retro style

By means of retrostyle it is possible to make out not only living rooms and kitchens, but also and other rooms. The romantic natures which are interested in history and loving disco music surely will want to execute interior of bedrooms in similar style.

If the person is excited about lovely movies of the 60th years, style icon for the girl is incomparable Merlyn Monro, then in the bedroom to introduce the atmosphere of that era, he needs to use bright photowall-paper with big images, the made old furniture, vintage accessories, covers and curtains of unusual coloring. The color scheme applied during this period differs in restraint. It is good to apply brown blue, white and orange shades to similar bedrooms and tone.

Distinctive feature in interior of the bedroom of the 70th years is decoration of the walls with use of two colors. The lower half gets off with more dark materials, top – light tone. Painted carpets, large number of mirrors of original forms and the sizes and also the rooms decorated with various figurines, glass objects, original vases are characteristic of that period.

The interior of the bedroom of the 80th years is characterized not by irritable color scheme and more distinguished furniture and objects of decor. When finishing the bedroom in this style you should not forget about the general principles of registration characteristic of those years. One of the most important is standard set of certain furniture. Enter it: the double bed, wardrobe, bedside tables located near bed and stylish dresser.

The bathroom can be also executed with use of retrostyle. The room with similar interior will be shrouded in cosiness and refinement. Such interior cannot do without pig-iron bathtub on picturesque legs. Also it is important to apply oval sink from marble to maintenance of stylistics of space, decor with use of gold and bronze color and also the impressive mirrors framed in wooden frame with picturesque painting. The color scheme of the bathroom in retrostyle allows to apply not so many flowers. White, red, brown, black and orange colors belong to them. The ceramic tile located in chessboard order is applied to floor covering.

Registration of rooms does not have to be obligatory completely in one style, the retrostyle is perfectly combined also with modern technical innovations. Be not afraid of experiments and innovations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team