All about tomatoes: how to grow up

All about tomatoes: how to grow up

The correct cultivation of tomatoes is impossible without thorough care for them. There is set of nuances which need to be considered, from the correct preparation of seedling, before prevention of diseases of plant.


If you prepare seedling independently, try to plant seeds in spacious tanks. These plants need a lot of space. As soon as there are first leaves, replace tomatoes in separate pots about 10 cm in depth.

Seedling of tomatoes needs a lot of direct sunlight. You watch that they spent the most part of time under the sun. If you plant them in the winter or grow up in the enclosed space, there will be not enough light. In that case you will need to provide artificial fluorescent lighting within 14 – 18 hours a day. The luminous source at the same time has to be located in several centimeters from plants.

The tomatoes which are grown up in the open air, strengthen the stalks naturally when rock on wind. If you plant seedling indoors, try to provide them artificial wind, for example, by means of the fan or you take out them on open air from time to time.

Jumping on the open ground

Remember that tomatoes do not love the cold soil. Before planting them on kitchen garden, cover beds with transparent, dense film for several weeks. It will warm the soil and will provide the intensive growth of tomatoes, fruits on them will appear much earlier. For landing of saplings dig out separate poles or the whole trench. Plants need to be planted rather deeply, to the level of the lower leaves. Such landing will provide the intensive growth of root system that will positively affect health of all plant.

Care for tomatoes

For prevention of diseases which can extend, for example, from water splashes and also for detention of water in the earth you can cover the soil with mulch black plastic layer. However you should not do it too early. The earth after planting of tomatoes has to get warm slightly. If you cover it with mulch, she will hide soil from sunshine that can lead to its cooling. As soon as tomatoes grow to 30 cm, tear off all leaves at the height of 10 cm from the earth. They are the main sources of spread of fungal diseases. It is connected with the fact that being is close to the earth, leaves do not receive enough sunlight and can be infected with bacteria directly from the soil. Pay also attention to tomato stalk. Very often between it and shoots new leaflets appear. These leaves do not bear any advantage and do not fructify, they will only take away solar energy from plant. Cut off them in process of emergence. Water tomatoes regularly. Scarcity of water often leads to formation of decay on fruits. For the normal growth of plant in not hot weather to it one liter of water a week suffices. In hot days this volume has to be increased. In process of maturing of fruits the intensity of watering has to be reduced, it will help to saturate tomatoes with juice from the sugar which is available for plant. However do not allow withering of plant, otherwise it can die.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team