All about tulips: choice of grades

All about tulips: choice of grades

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Among the flowers which are grown up on beds, the special place is allocated to tulips. Some mistakenly believe that the homeland of plant is Holland. It's not true. Actually, the first mentions of this flower have found in Persia. In the same place it has acquired also the initial name – dulbash that is meant by the Turkish turban to which it also is similar externally. From it there was also its Russian name – tulip.

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1. Before planting tulips at itself in garden, it is necessary to choose one or several grades of flower. On time of blossoming of plant divide into 4 views. The first look is ranotsvetushchy: Hadley, Gavotte, Monsell. Usually, it is low flowers on steady stalks. The second – srednetsvetushchy: Afrikan Quinn, Bluberri Ripl, Parti's Garden. Flowers which completely open the bowl during blossoming and those which long keep bud occur among these grades. The third look – pozdnotsvetushchy: Anjelica, Dzhumbo Beauty, Fensi Frilz. It is possible to carry wild-growing tulips to the last look. These small unpretentious flowers look refined carpet on the Alpine hills and borders.

2. Simple early – the oval or scyphoid bud which is partially revealing when blossoming. Height of 25-25 cm. Coloring is various. Differs in long blossoming. Terry early – large terry buds. Height is 15-30 cm. Breeds poorly.

3. Triumph – scyphoid, large buds. Height is 40-70 cm. Blossoms a little later early-flowering. Uneven, various coloring. Darvinova hybrids – flowers quite large, scyphoid. Reach in height of 80 cm. Coloring monophonic or with the drawing "flame". Early-flowering and srednetsvetushchy grades meet. Are resistant to viral diseases. Are well transported.

4. Simple late – liliyevidny or scyphoid form of bud with coloring of various range. Height of stalk of some grades under favorable conditions can reach 1 m of Liliyetsvetnye – in form the bud reminds the extended lily which sharpened tips "look" outside. Monophonic, various coloring.

5. Fringed – beautiful flowers with fringe at the edges of glass. Coloring of fringe or repeats color of bud, contrasts with it. Height of 35-45 cm. Terms of blossoming are various. Zelenotsvetkovye – color of glass is various, but has strokes or patterns of green shade. Grade of pozdnotsvetushchy. Height is 40-60 cm.

6. Rembrandt – the most numerous class of tulips. Pestrookrashenny glass of the big size. Height of 40-65 cm of Popugaynye – shirokoraskryty large flowers with corrugated edges. Various coloring. Height is 40-65 cm. Terry late – big glasses similar to peony. Height is 30-60 cm.

7. Kauffman – small flower of star-shaped form with different color external and inside of lobes. In the course of blossoming changes coloring. Early-flowering grades. Foster – the extended flowers of mean value of cup-shaped form. Coloring of red shades, sometimes yellow. Height is 30-50 cm.

8. The Greyga – scyphoid or liliyevidny flowers, mainly yellow-red shades. Plant leaves speckled and striped. Hybrids – belong to them those plants which have not entered the previous classes.

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