All happiness tree: how to look after

All happiness tree: how to look after

Happiness tree, it is monetary tree, actually is called crassula. According to the hair dryer Shuya, this plant brings wellbeing to the house. However, that the tree actually was magic and has brought happiness and prosperity, it is necessary to look after it independently, since its emergence. The plant presented or bought in shop, alas, has no such properties.


1. The crassula is very photophilous. But direct sunshine can leave severe burns on gentle fleshy leaflets therefore during midday heat the plant is better pritenyat. Do not forget to turn tree periodically. It is necessary that branches developed evenly, without being extended towards luminous source, and the krone did not become asymmetric.

2. Dense leaves and thick strong stalks do this plant rather heavy therefore the pot for it has to be steady that the adult crassula has not lost balance and has not turned over. Thanks to slow growth the monetary tree does not need frequent change. Young plants are replaced once a year, by adults – time in two or three years.

3. Also keep in mind that the tree of happiness does not take out dust. The leaves covered with dirt cease to breathe, fade and perish that as a result leads to death of all plant. Regularly wipe its leaves from dust, spray from spray, and sometimes indulge it and warm shower.

4. Excellent results are yielded by cutting of crassula. And, the received shanks can be used for further reproduction. Forming of krone is not obligatory, but if you want to grow up bonsai or tree with beautiful equal krone, not to do without regular cutting. It becomes clean sharp knife. Happiness tree branches juicy and soft therefore the procedure of molding will not bring special difficulties. Pollinate places of cuts powder of cinnamon or pounded activated carbon.

5. If you want to receive happiness tree with dense krone, then periodically to kidney prishchipyvayta. Accurately delete the rudimentary kidneys located on the ends of branches between leaves, trying not to damage the next leaflets. After removal of kidney on its place several new - they are formed and do plant more dense and attractive.

6. It is possible to make multiple copies crassula by means of leaves or shanks. Plant the torn-off and a little dried leaf in damp soil, then cover it with film. Regularly air and water it, and after a while you receive full-fledged plant. The best time for reproduction and change – spring or fall.

7. The monetary tree equally suffers, both from the raised soil dampness, and from too dry air. The plant begins to lose leaves. That to prevent it, during active growth water crassula in process of drying of the soil, and in the winter – once a month so that soil has managed to dry up between waterings. Well influence plant regular spraying of leaves.

8. Fertilizing by complex mineral fertilizers which need to be done approximately once a month is necessary for crassula for the good growth and development. The plant loves fresh air, but airing should be carried out very carefully. The crassula does not transfer drafts and can die because of them.

9. The crassula is subject to attack of the insects eating juice of plants, such as web tick, shchitovka. The damaged leaves delete, and colonies of wreckers destroy by means of the cotton tampon, the wetted in alcohol. If there is a lot of insects, the plant is processed by special chemical medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team