All truth about ceramic tile

All truth about ceramic tile

Apartment renovation or houses always important event for each person. Someone, hearing the word "repair", at once panics, representing heavy and tiresome process, and someone with enthusiasm imagines what after all will be the apartment after completion of all repair work. Naturally, any repair does not do without strong and quality materials which will serve long and will not cause owners excess problems. How it is correct to choose ceramic tile and why this product is considered the most reliable?

In what parts of the house the ceramic covering is just necessary?

1. Kitchen

The kitchen was always meant as the individual place in the house. For this reason repair works in kitchen always occupy huge amount of time: everything has to be made not only for convenience, but also create the pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Experts advise to choose ceramic tile, but not parquet as during cooking various fighting and pricked objects which can scratch parquet can fall to floor. The ceramic tile passes similar "tests".

2. Bathroom and bathroom

In the bathroom the high coefficient of humidity therefore it is necessary to choose ceramic covering or the tile preventing deformation of walls is concentrated.

3. Corridor

One of the most "sensitive" places in the house to dirt and dust. Professionals claim that the ceramic covering is very convenient in use: any dirt can be removed for short period.

4. Bedroom

If earlier the ceramic tile was used only for finishing of bathrooms or kitchen, then today material ideally fits also into the bedroom!

Why the ceramic tile is better than parquet?

Having summed up the results, one may say, that today, ceramic covering — irreplaceable attribute of any house. Modern manufacturers use only eco-friendly materials for creation of products, unlike parquet where chemical varnishes and impregnations can do much harm activity of the person. The cost of ceramic tile also attracts potential buyers. The parquet will be several times more expensive. What to speak about leaving: if the parquet is forbidden to be washed, then it is possible both to wash ceramic tile and to wipe by means of various means. The covering from ceramics will long serve owners, will please with durability and durability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team