Almonds of three-blade: landing and care in the open ground

Almonds of three-blade: landing and care in the open ground

The blossoming three-blade almonds represent fascinating picture. Thanks to high decorative qualities many gardeners plant this whimsical shrubby plant for contemplation of its 2-3 weeks period of blossoming.

Decorative almonds (luizeaniye three-blade) grow in the form of bush or small tree. This plant sort from Central Asia, but thanks to selection work the new grades can be grown up also in the conditions of more severe climate. During blossoming this plant throws out set of large flowers which depending on grade can differ in white, pink or red color.

Choice of the place and its preparation for landing of almonds

Three-blade almonds are quite whimsical plant therefore for its cultivation it is necessary to pick up correctly the place and to carry out its complex preparation. People who have no experience of cultivation of this plant should give preference to the following grades, resistant to temperature drops:

  • Uimura's snow.
  • Chinese woman.
  • Oriental cherry.
  • Prunus of trilob
  • Terry plum.

 These grades are winter-hardy therefore can grow not only in Moscow area, but also more northern areas. If it is wrong to pick up the site, the plant will hurt and can even die. The solar sites protected from winds and draft best of all will be suitable for cultivation of decorative almonds. This plant well feels only on sites with low groundwater occurrance as spring flooding of root system can become almonds cause of death.

 Best of all heights will be suitable for this plant. If the site damp, it is necessary to make drainage. In this case at first the trench up to 75 cm in depth is dug out. On bottom it is necessary to fill up about 20-25 cm of crushed stone or beaten brick. Over this layer soil mix is filled up. The soil for cultivation has to be fertile. Best of all the chernozem in which it is necessary to bring humus, ashes and other fertilizers will approach.

Disembarkation of Almonds and subsequent care for plant

On the site it is desirable to plant at once several saplings as almonds have cross-pollination. Only in this case it it will be abundant to blossom. Saplings should be bought in the nursery having all necessary documents. If weather patterns allows and fruits manage to grow ripe, it is possible to make multiple copies plant by prorashchivaniye of stones in house conditions. If necessary it is possible to buy seed material of this plant. Besides, the good planting stock can be received at scrap of branches of adult plant. They need to be put in water that they have taken root.

Decorative almonds also often give shanks which in the first year can be replaced. Planting of saplings can be carried out both in the spring, and in the fall. Most of gardeners give preference to autumn disembarkation of planting stock. The distance between saplings has to be not less than 2-2.5 m.

Disembarkation of almonds process simple. At first it is necessary to make landing hole which depth has to be not less than 30-40 cm, and width is a little more than earth lump on plant roots. In ready hole it is necessary to fill up 5 cm layer of sand and to hammer stick which will act further as support for young plant.

Sapling it is necessary to arrange in hole and to powder with the earth mixed with humus. After that the plant needs to be tied up to support kapron cord. It is necessary to water carefully area around sapling. It is necessary to zamulchirovat the soil around landing by the crushed straw, humus and peat.

Decorative almonds are drought-resistant plant. It needs abundant watering only during active blossoming. During other periods there is no need to water this ornamental shrub.

Important condition of growth of almonds is systematic fertilizer of the soil. Before blossoming it is necessary to bring in the period 1 kg of mullein, about 10 g of urea and not less than 20 g of ammonium nitrate. All fertilizers need to be dissolved in 10 l of water and to carefully spill the soil around plant. It is necessary to bring each 4-6 weeks 20 g of sulfite potassium and double superphosphate under each bush in the summer.

 Decorative almonds well branch. That the plant had the beautiful dense form, it is necessary to carry out its hairstyle periodically. Almonds well transfer cutting even during blossoming. It is especially important to eliminate escapes which grow in krone. Procedures of hairstyle promote improvement of bush and stimulate growth of new escapes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team