Angular fireplaces: rules of the choice

Angular fireplaces: rules of the choice

The fireplace is original part of interior. Meanwhile, it is possible to build brick fireplace or stone only in owner-occupied dwellings. Owners of apartments need to choose electrofireplaces and biofireplaces. In small rooms, angular models especially well look.

Angular fireplaces happen the different sizes thanks to what it is possible to choose suitable option for any living room. Models considerably differ among themselves on execution materials, functions and by execution method. Angular fireplaces quite often represent art object which style has something in common with the general style of the room. You have to decide that you prefer – fireplace in style hi-tech from steel and glass or classical fireplace.

Decide for what purpose you do fireplace. Whether it will be decorative element of interior or you assume to heat the room with its help. The last is possible only at placement of fireplace in owner-occupied dwelling. Define what sum you are going to spend for acquisition of fireplace. Examine the living room and decide in what corner it will be located. Think how big will be fireplace. In advance buy suitable accessories, thanks to them it is possible to create the special atmosphere in the living room.

If you have decided that you will have not decorative, but the real fireplace, think over right choice of its location. The angular fireplace not only has to be looked through well from all directions by the living room, there has to be still place for fireplace kindling, etc. You can buy the angular furnace fireplace from cast iron, one more widespread option is to construct brick fireplace and to revet it with tile or stone. Anyway, it is worth thinking of construction of fireplace in advance, at stage of development of the project of country house. If biofireplaces and electrofireplaces can be established to any room, wood angular fireplaces can be done only in houses. For construction of angular fireplace the project is necessary. Work should be trusted experienced bricklayers, then with heating of owner-occupied dwelling there will be no problems. As work difficult, is better to address to the specialized company. Angular fireplaces in owner-occupied dwelling can be trimmed with marble, natural and artificial stone, tile.

For the apartment it is better to get biofireplace – so you have opportunity to observe live flame and to enjoy cosiness. The electrofireplace is also considered the quite good choice. Modern electrofireplaces and biofireplaces are absolutely safe and do not demand great efforts when mounting. Work of biofireplace is based on use of special biofuel. It eco-friendly also does not make harmful effects on organism. For airing of the room of rather slightly opened window leaf. Electrofireplaces are issued different models. Externally they represent the center concluded in the beautiful body. The electrofireplace can be established in any corner of the living room. The device allows to set the different modes of heating. In availability the decorative mode and the mode of heating which is used for heating of the room.

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