Apple-trees in garden

Apple-trees in garden

For midland of Russia apple-tree – one of the most widespread fruit-trees. It is good during blossoming – the garden with apple-trees becomes similar to beautiful brides in day of the most important celebration. The apple-tree should admire when that is covered with fruits. Even when apples fall down and lie carpet in pristvolny circle of apple-tree – the garden looks extremely picturesquely.

What grades of apple-trees to put in garden

It is good when bumper-crop year is and apple-trees bear many fruits. And here the impossibility to keep them and to overwork quickly – is very sad. Experienced gardeners know to avoid this not most pleasant situation, it is necessary to land in garden of apple-tree of different terms of maturing.

Still the moments influencing what grades of apple-trees to put in garden – frost resistance and resistance to diseases.

If has come to attack in the form of horde of leaf-eating insects, and you have not managed to spray with insecticides or more smoking options of protective solutions in time – the harvest can be gone at stage of ovaries. That the family was not left without apples – in garden it is necessary to land the grades of apple-trees which are immune raised.

Apple-trees which are extremely desirable for having on the site – Papirovka or "White filling", "Autumn striped", "Antonovka". These are grades of annual fructification. Of course, if in your region there are late frosts – it will not save the apple orchard from loss of ovaries. But without natural cataclysms it yields quite stable harvest.

Care for apple-tree

Care for apple-tree consists scrap of branches and also annual digging up of pristvolny circle (it is desirable to do it twice – in the spring and in the fall). Under redigging of the apple orchard it is good to bring humus, the compost earth, solution of humic acids and nitrogen-potassium (spring) or potassium-fosofrnye (fall) of fertilizer.

In the summer, especially if in your region it costs hot and droughty, care for apple-tree consists in weekly watering. 2-4 buckets of water which are poured out in pristvolny circle will help to endure to apple-tree drought and will save from mass falling off of ovaries.

During fructification time the care for apple-tree in garden also consists in watering, and still – in timely removal of fruits. It is better not to wait when they begin to fall. First, apples from tree have the best safety, secondly, selective harvesting allows the immature apples which have remained on tree becomes larger and is more juicy.  

Summer grades of apple-trees

One of the ancient and well proved grades of summer apple-trees for garden - "Moscow Grushovka". Light green color with insignificant light pink barrels, it has pleasant taste with light sourness. Apple-tree of summer term of maturing with the fruits looking as beautiful rose-red small lamps – the "Lungwort" possessing juicy fragrant pulp. Golden medium-sized apples of "golden Kitayka" in stage of full ripeness are kind of filled with nectar, at nadkusyvaniye this grade of summer apples can blow up small fountain.

What needs to be considered, being going to land summer grades of apple-trees, so this their quantity in garden. Unfortunately, summer apples differ in extremely bad lezhkost, and therefore processings are suitable only for fresh consumption or fast (within one or two weeks).

Autumn grades of apple-trees

From autumn grades of apple-trees it is possible to recommend "Striped anise" with large fragrant yellow-red fruits. The "Dessert Antonovka" pleasing with sweet-sour pulp of fruits and pink flank – the ideal choice of apple-tree for garden in Moscow area. Red, exclusively decorative fruits of autumn apple-tree "Belfler kitayka" will not leave indifferent fans of the sweet apples living to the south. "Strefling" - the autumn grade of apple-trees which is perfectly feeling in gardens of the Northwest region.

Winter grades of apple-trees

The extended large fruits of winter grade of apples "Oryol Qandil" are removed from trees in stage of technical ripeness. They perfectly reach and even redden in lightproof boxes or baskets, without losing consumer qualities about new year. One more grade which is also relating to winter, and also without loss enduring long storage – Stroyevskaya. Its fruits reach the weight of 160-180 g, possess juicy pulp and good a little spicy aroma.

Distinctive feature of winter grades of apple-trees are their rather low tastes when the harvest is reaped from trees. Apples of this term of maturing need to give time that they have passed from phase of biological ripeness, technical in phase. But such apples are well stored, are good for fresh consumption almost till March. And it is the real gift to owners of gardens from winter grades of apple-trees.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team