Apricot from stone: dream or reality?

Apricot from stone: dream or reality?

Such fruit-trees as apricot or nectarine, under natural conditions grow from stones of the fruits which have fallen to the ground. Knowing about it, amateur gardeners quite often try to couch stones of fruits independently. It is worth studying more attentively this question before setting to work – it will increase chances of success.

Attempts to grow up apricot or nectarine will be more successful in house conditions if truly to treat preparation of sapling. 

How to choose material for landing

Wishing to grow up the real fruit tree, stones of apricots are recommended to be chosen carefully. If nothing similar nearby is on sale on quality seed material, it is possible to use the overripe fruits bought in the market. Pulp of apricot has to depart easily from stones is one of indicators that material suits for seeds. It is possible to buy stones of apricots by mail, but there is no guarantee that sellers will send kachstvenny seeds.

Prepare the necessary number of copies for landing, considering, not everyone will sprout. They should be washed out and laid for drying to the dry place without light. On drying about a month is required.

Each stone has to be placed in separate seedling capacity. The pot has to be deep, it is possible to adapt for cultivation plastic bottles 1.5 liters, having cut off top. The drainage layer – for example, haydite is fallen asleep for bottom. Then fill the earth – good seedling soil will approach. The top layer is a little condensed.

On the earth to spread out apricot stones – to one pot one sunflower seed. It is not necessary to bury them that there was no rotting of back. If the prorashchivaniye has been executed previously, it is possible to powder the acted back with the earth. Then water stone a little and close from above film – it will not allow to evaporate quickly to moisture.

Further it is required to remove condensate from film from time to time. After emergence of sprouts they are moved closer to light. When there comes evening, it is possible to carry out dosvechivaniye by means of phytolamp. Ideal temperature for cultivation consider +24 … +26 degrees.

Planting of sapling in soil

After to put apricot from stone and to grow up sprout, it is required to be landed to the earth. It is better to do it in the spring – then before arrival of fall the young tree will be able to get stronger and get resistant root system. The correct approach at disembarkation is to bury young plant just as it was in pot.

The less change of plant, the better was carried out. At the correct leaving during the summer the apricot is capable to grow approximately by meter. Blossoming begins approximately in five-six years.

If you do not need apricot tree in garden, but it is curious to learn how to put house apricot stone in pot, operations are performed also, but it is not necessary to count on receiving high plant. In house conditions it is not possible to provide the same volume of the earth, as at disembarkation in garden. That the tree could grow and develop fully, it will need the tub containing not less than 30 liters of the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team