Art feng shui. Lighting of rooms

Art feng shui. Lighting of rooms

Lighting of rooms is important in terms of feng shui. By means of lamps which light space the energy tsi is activated. When you light any given room of your housing, you activate this space. At the same time the room is filled with energy yan. It is important to know what areas should be activated and what lighting to use in any given space.

In feng shui there are several rules of work with lighting in the house. If to use them, it will help creation of favorable situation. 

Identification of sectors

In system feng shui eight directions which are used at identification of space are known. Each of them corresponds to one of the compass directions.

These are four main directions: North, South, East and West. And four secondary: northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest.

Each of eight directions symbolizes itself one of the parties of human life. Bright light it is possible to make active that area of your life where you want to attract good luck.

  • The North is responsible for success in career.
  • The South will give popularity and recognition.
  • The East will bring good health.
  • The West is responsible for children and also for all questions connected with posterity.
  • The northeast is responsible for education.
  • The northwest is connected with availability in your life of teachers and good friends.
  • The southeast brings wealth.
  • The southwest bears success in the love sphere.

Using this knowledge, establish lighting so that the sphere of life interesting to you became more active. For example, you wish to find love, then direct bright light to the southwest sector of your dwelling. It is worth holding the lamp lighting this direction, included at least three hours a day.  

Color of lighting

In addition to enhance effect of activation of any given sector, use according to color which corresponds to various directions.

To each sector of space there corresponds the element: fire, metal, earth, tree or water. The light is inherent in each of five elements.

  • Fire: red color, corresponds to the South.
  • Metal: white color, corresponds to the West and the northwest.
  • Earth: yellow color, corresponds to the center, the northeast and the southwest.
  • Tree: green color, corresponds to the East and the southeast.
  • Water: blue color, corresponds to the North.

Lighting brightness

Lighting can be different in intensity. It is worth lighting more brightly those rooms where people work if to speak about the house, then this place where there is desk. Also bright light is necessary in halls.

And here in recreation areas, in the bedroom light has to be muffled, soft. Otherwise it will be difficult to relax and have a rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team