Art of make-up: from elements to skill

Art of make-up: from elements to skill

, to reach perfection in image, there are not enough couple of small strokes. Skillfully picked up make-up emphasizing advantages of the person and hiding its shortcomings is capable to work wonders.

Basic elements of the simplest make-up: liquid foundation, powder, ink. More advanced option assumes also availability of pencil for lips and the lipstick corresponding to it on tone, pencil for eyes and shadows of two-three combined shades and also is ruddy. Surely the big fluffy brush for powder is required (the others – at will: for foundation, for shading of pencil and shadows, for lips).

The make-up should be begun with putting liquid foundation. Its shade has to be similar to skin color or is one tone lighter. If to take cream more dark, it will look as mask and will visually make old the person. The basis is put on all face, including zone around eyes and lip. After the tone a little dries up, it is possible to use powder.

By means of dark pencil if there is good brush for its shading, it is easy to make popular almost at all times smoky eyes make-up: through growth of eyelashes draw line which then is accurately shaded up, at external corner of eye – is slightly brighter. It will be useful to set the received result by the corresponding flickering shadows accurately.

Except for specific festive options of make-up, shading of transition of one shade of shadows in another has to be ideal, without noticeable lines. The small fluffy brush is for this purpose necessary.

Rule of use of shadows quite simple: at internal corner of eye and under eyebrow to lighten, at external to make make-up more dark. The only exception – very widely put eyes: then it is necessary to arrive on the contrary. From external corner of eye under eyelashes of lower eyelid it is necessary to draw small line (it is possible to shade well it) that in comparison with the made-up upper eyelid lower did not look pale. Ink is usually applied at the end that on the made-up eyelashes powder and shadows did not pour. For lengthening of eyelashes use ink with rubber brush and rare cloves, for volume – with fluffy round brush. If there is a wish to use curling tongs of eyelashes, it needs to be done before their coloring. That the pigment was better distributed, the movement of brush has to take place not only along eyelashes, but also it is a little to the right-to the left (in zigzag fashion). It will be possible to avoid pasting, having visually divided eyelashes into three sectors and painting their everyone in the party: internal – towards nose, average – forward and up, external – to temples.

The skill of make-up grows with practice, acquisition of new necessary tools (brushes, sponges) and additional shades of shadows, blush, lipsticks and powders.

There are several principles of putting blush whose color schemes should be studied separately, having defined the face type. Their task is to emphasize or, on the contrary, to smooth the line of cheekbones. Often they are applied also on the temporal hollow, sometimes – on the lower jaw for chin okonturivaniye. Lipstick and planimetric pencil for lips have to be one shade (or the pencil – is slightly more dark). If there is a wish to use transparent gloss, it makes sense to get pencil of the same color, as lip: he will emphasize natural contour and will not allow gloss to spread. Having mastered make-up elements, the principles of shading and combination of flowers and having got the necessary set of devices, it is possible to pass to more difficult options.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team