Artificial stone in apartment interior

Artificial stone in apartment interior

In the recent past the artificial stone was used only as finishing material for facades of buildings. However its beauty, practicality and the huge choice of textures have attracted considerable interest of designers who began to use actively artificial stone in interior of premises.

Wall decoration artificial stone perfectly looks in classical interiors and also in the rooms issued in style hi-tech or modernist style. Thanks to universality of this finishing material, it can be used at registration of living rooms, kitchens, loggias and it is even burned. The artificial stone is good the fact that at small financial investments, it allows to create really unique interior.

The artificial decorative stone can be used for finishing of separate fragments of walls, door openings, windows and arches. Such finishing gives to interior refinement and respectability. Also sometimes the artificial stone is applied at registration of table-tops and bar counters.

When finishing fireplaces the artificial stone is simply irreplaceable. They not only can issue fireplace, but also to create imitation of fireplace in the living room. If you have decided to adhere at registration of interior of style of country, you need stone of beige, brown and yellow shades if you decide to recreate the Mediterranean style in interior, the stone of dairy, cream or white color will be as it is impossible by the way. By means of artificial stone it is possible to lay out panel on walls as the huge choice of shades allows to reach surprisingly beautiful effects.

In spite of the fact that the artificial stone for walls is the finishing material having set of invoices and shades, its laying is rather simple and does not demand availability of special skills. At the same time, the decorative stone is very simple in leaving, is practical and durable, causes invariable consumer demand for this finishing material. Distinguish three types of artificial stone: agglomerate, porcelain tile and stone on concrete bed. The stone on concrete basis is used when finishing apartments as this material has ample decorative opportunities. The artificial stone in interior of the apartment allows to change the room, and can be used for creation of various decorative effects. Those who has no problems with deficiency of the area and is the owner of the spacious apartment can try to use in interior such decorative reception as columns from artificial stone. Such columns do not have to be located in the center of the room, it is possible to make imitation of columns, having arranged them on room corners. Finishing of walls artificial stone will make apartment interior unique, having given it special charm and aristocraticness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team