As bugs quickly breed and as to fight against them

As bugs quickly breed and as to fight against them

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Bed bugs are blood-sicking insects who are capable to spoil considerably life to the person. They appear unexpectedly and quickly breed, besides is very problematic to destroy these unpleasant neighbors.

As bugs breed

For a long time it is known that bugs appear even in the most safe housing where the order and purity reign. This insect presence of people, to be exact is much more important than their blood. And when in the house there are bugs, all forget about quiet nights. Constant stings which scratch and it is impossible itch, blood droplets on bed linen – all this considerably can spoil life.

Bugs breed pretty fast, they lay eggs in joints of upholstered furniture, on bed. In general, it is enough to bring couple of bugs with various articles of clothing, furniture and other things that insects in week have bred. The female of bug lives about 15 days for which she manages to lay 500 eggs. And many forget that bugs can interrupt sleep, promote fast fatigue, emergence of nervousness, allergic reactions.

How to fight against bugs

The most reliable way of disposal of annoying insects is the call of special services. Firms which are engaged in it have in arsenal quite safe, but very effective methods of fight against blood-sicking insects. Upon termination of works the experts provide guarantee that bugs will not disturb any more.

If money is not enough for special service, it is possible to manage by own efforts. For example, to frighten off bugs really by means of acetic acid. From spray it it is necessary to process places of congestion of insects and their eggs. Solution of turpentine, kerosene and abrupt boiled water is effective. At detection of parasites all bedding needs to be washed and to iron out carefully with steam use. Mattresses and upholstered furniture need to be processed hot air, it is possible even to hand over in dry-cleaner. Will be one processing from bugs insufficiently, for time it is independently impossible to destroy all insects, their eggs and larvae. Between preventive processings has to pass no more than a week. After dispersion of vinegar, turpentine or gasoline it is possible in slot between furniture or in corners to fill dry wormwood which smell very much is not pleasant to bugs. Of course, then it is necessary to air carefully the room and not to live whenever possible in it during processing. It is the and still best of all to throw out furniture where the big congestion of these insects is noted. Because they can lay the eggs deeply in upholstery where they it is difficult to get and destroy them. And at entrance to apartments where there lived foreign people earlier, it is necessary to do repair at once, to remove old wall-paper, soft sofas and chairs, clothes.

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