As by means of make-up to make eyes big

As by means of make-up to make eyes big

- one of secrets of female appeal. To make eyes big and expressive, it is not enough to have large amount of cosmetics in the arsenal, it is important to apply it to your eyes correctly. It is important to create not only decorative effect, but also to be able to adjust shortcomings, to emphasize advantages.

If it is correct to make make-up, it is possible to change considerably the person, having changed it to the best. Art of make-up does not belong to unavailable sciences, everyone can learn more how to change the person. Visually it is possible to increase eyes, knowing simple rules of drawing shadows.

We create contour of eyes

The pencil for contour of eyes has to be in make-up bag of each girl which wants to expand the eyes visually. The contour needs to be drawn over upper and under the lower eyelashes, shading or using the continuous line. It is necessary either to shade the line which at you has turned out, or to leave exactly outlined.

Using this equipment, you remember: do not use fat lines, they lead to reduction of eye. If you use arrows, choose average thickness.

Draw contour conducting it with the middle of mobile century to external corner of eye, it is possible to remove slightly for it that will lead also to visual increase. Creating the weapon use white pencil on lower eyelid. It will help to open look visually. You can replace pencil of white color with shades light gray, silvery and corporal.

We enhance effect. Correct use of shadows

At the correct drawing shadows it is necessary to lighten internal corners of eyes, and on external to add more dark accent. As a rule, shadows impose in the sequence: basis, contour and accent.

You remember: dark shades give expressiveness to look, but can drown and reduce eyes, light visually increase, but some do not give the necessary depth and sensitivity.

The basis is applied with shadows of light shades on surface of all century. Especially pay attention to internal corner of eye. On outer side under eyebrow light shadows can be also used – it opens look too. The contour is used average shades and imposed on fold upper and lower before the middle of the century. Shadows need to be shaded. The accent is used the most dark and bright shades. It gives expressiveness and depth to look. To raise contour, shadows accents are shaded at external corner, slightly raising to eyebrow tip. If not to put shadow contour, and to use only shadows accents, having applied them only on folds – the look becomes even more open and expressive. During creation of big eyes do not forget about eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyebrows have to be issued according to your face type, and eyelashes are painted well over.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team