As collect birch cap

As collect birch cap

Cap call peculiar thickenings on trunks of trees. The birch cap belongs to the most valuable, it is special wood which represents itself huge set of undeveloped escapes.


1. From each kidney needle which large number has concentrated on small surface forming cap, the branch could grow. Because there is a lot of kidneys, any does not manage to get out of wood. The texture unusual in form and the drawing is formed of meeting of kidneys. Any layer of wood cannot compete to cap natural beauty, complexity and rarity of material. The unique birch cap is called wood malachite, caps on cherry, bird cherry and walnut are interesting. The cap is often called flow, but this incorrect name. Professionals will be able easily to distinguish cap from flow - layer of wood of the same tree, but with the mixed annual growth rings. Flow at section reminds marble with white streaks.

2. The cap is divided into two types: needle and cap back. Needle it is most rare, it grows very slowly and only in the early spring - when on trees leaves arise, its growth stops. When carrying out cross-section through cap it is possible to find the place of its origin, the drawing will remind the funnel which is narrowed to the center of trunk is and there is beginning of needle cap. To find large cap very hardly, and it is highly appreciated. The cap back in structure is similar to needle, but there is difference in the drawing of texture of wood which is more dark and larger. It develops on roots and in radical zone, on the trees growing on the damp soil - at streams, swamps and along river coast.

3. Even because of big and beautiful cap you should not spoil live tree. Especially it is simple to find this natural anomaly - the set of caps develops on trunks of trees in city parks, on poplars, the American maples and lindens. Large number of trees is annually cut down, and it is simple to get from them curled outgrowths. If need to remove cap from live tree is very big, it becomes since late fall and till early spring until in tree the movement of juice is slowed down. For cutting the saw with universal teeth undertakes, the saw cut becomes strictly along trunk, vertically, without mentioning the main wood. If the movement of saw is strongly complicated, the strut is made of couple of wooden wedges which hammer into cut. After the cap is completely separated, the place of saw cut is immediately painted over oil paint or drying oil. To paint over the saw cut made in the spring it is useless - it not to stop the movement of juice, and the tree will be inevitable to hurt strongly.

4. The cap well gives in to processing, it does not burst, does not warp and does not inflate, besides durability is several times higher than it, than wood of tree on which it grows. The best option of use - right after collecting to clean cap from bark and to saw on plates 3-5 mm thick then to use it for production of caskets or mosaic. In this option use of cap is more optimum, and at production of various bowls, vases and flat dishes the majority of material is lost. The most interesting drawing cap gives at chordate cut, it, as a rule, set of points, each of which is surrounded with rings of different shade, and between rings overflow raznoottenochny stains.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team