As from one socket to connect one more

As from one socket to connect one more

The situation when sockets begin not to be enough, arises not so seldom. To constantly pull out forks of some electric devices to include others, it is very inconvenient therefore it is necessary to look for any given ways of solution. Installation of the additional socket becomes one of options.


1. At first evaluate whether installation of one more socket is really necessary. In many cases it is simpler and safer to put the extender with the block of sockets and overload protection. You will be able to disconnect from network several electric devices – for example, the TV, DVD, receiver etc., one pressing of the button on the extender. Turning on of electric devices via the extender can be considered as the easiest and effective way of increase in number of sockets.

2. If you have resolved to put the additional socket, choose the place for its installation. Sockets are mounted at the height of 50-100 cm from floor. Nadplintusny sockets – within 30 cm from floor. They have the protective blinds closing terminals when pulling fork. Sockets it is impossible to have closer 50 cm from pipes, radiators of heating and other grounded apartment elements.

3. The main complexity can arise at installation of sockets on concrete and brick walls – not to hollow them, choose the laid on socket. For its fastening in wall it is necessary to drill two openings and to insert into them wooden traffic jams. Wiring from one socket to another will need to be laid in cable channel.

4. The new socket is installed, now it is necessary to connect it to old. Before work surely switch off electricity in the apartment. Remove the body from the socket, having turned off the attachment screw. The screw-driver unscrew screws, the fixing wires to socket terminals.

5. Smooth out the ends of duplex wire to which you will connect sockets, approximately on 1.5 cm. Bend on them eyelets under attachment screws to the terminal, then with force flatten flat-nose pliers. Flat wires will provide more reliable contact. In the same way flatten also eyelets on those wires that approached the socket.

6. Enter couple of eyelets – one from old wire, another from new, into fixing opening in socket block, insert the screw and take it nut. As soon as the screw has got to nut thread, tighten it the screw-driver. In the same way connect the second pair of terminals. If the ground outlet, use three-core wire, connect the third vein to "earth". After completion of work the wire connected to it in parallel will depart from the old socket.

7. In that place where the wire will pass on the wall, fasten cable channel. Lay in it wire, then cut off in the place and connect his veins to block of the new socket. Install the body of the new socket, close cable channel. The work is completed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team